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Toshiba's SCiBTM Rechargeable Battery Selected for Hino Motors' Hino Profia Hybrid

30 May, 2019

TOKYO—Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) today announced that Hino Motors, Ltd. has selected its innovative SCiBTM lithium-ion rechargeable battery for the new “Hino Profia Hybrid”.

The Profia Hybrid is Hino's latest heavy-duty truck to be equipped with a hybrid system. It charges the on-board battery with kinetic energy harvested during deceleration, including traveling downhill, and uses stored energy to power an electric motor that reduces fuel consumption by supporting driving at constant speeds on flat routes, and assisting the gasoline engine when climbing uphill.

The characteristics of the SCiBTM make it a superb choice for Hino Motors' new truck. The battery's lithium titanium oxide negative electrode excels in rapid charging performance, long life and high energy input and output, all characteristics highly suited for the hybrid system of a heavy-duty truck.

Demand for SCiBTM is growing, and Toshiba is expanding manufacturing capacity through capital investments and alliances. Its current manufacturing facility in Japan, Kashiwazaki Operations, will shortly be supplemented by a new facility in Toshiba's Yokohama Complex. Overseas, the establishment of a plant in India, a joint venture with Suzuki Motor Corporation and Denso Corporation, continues to make progress.

Toshiba, through its own R&D and in partnership with co-creators, is promoting the development of products and systems that bring innovations and forward-looking solutions to its customers and society. Under the Toshiba Next Plan, Toshiba Group's five-year transformation plan, the company is driving forward its own digital transformation and evolution to become a leading cyber-physical systems company, and is making focused investments in promising business areas. Toshiba positions the SCiBTM as a new growth business.

Hino Profia Hybrid   SCiBTM 20Ah Cell
            Hino Profia Hybrid                                             SCiBTM 20Ah Cell