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Keiichi Yumita to Join Toshiba as Chief Information Officer and to Oversee IT System Reform

~To accelerate standardization and digitization of Toshiba Group operations by reforming IT system~
19 Dec, 2018

TOKYO—Toshiba (TOKYO: 6502) today announced that Keiichi Yumita will join the company from Sony Global Solutions Inc. on January 1, 2019 as an Executive Officer, Corporate Vice President and Chief Information Officer (CIO). In this capacity Mr. Yumita will promote the renewal of Toshiba Group’s IT systems and the digitization and standardization of business operations and processes.

The Toshiba Next Plan unveiled on November 8 emphasizes IT system reform and standardized digital operations as essential for improving core earning power. This will be achieved by a 110 billion yen reform program that will run for the five years from fiscal year 2019 to 2023.

Mr. Yumita, currently the President of Sony Global Solutions Inc., has established a track record at Sony for improving operational efficiency and productivity through large scale reforms of information systems, management administration, logistics and sales. As CIO at Toshiba, he will oversee and direct Toshiba Group’s IT investment program and improve operations by replacing obsolete systems, promoting proactive use of cloud services, and reducing operating costs.

Toshiba aims to become one of the world’s leading cyber-physical system (CPS*1) technology companies by combining knowledge and capabilities accumulated over years of experience in a wide range of businesses, from infrastructure to electronic devices, with its strengths in information processing, digital and AI technologies.

The transformation into a CPS technology company will be achieved through digital evolution (DE) that digitizes the existing value chain, advances Toshiba’s digital transformation, and realize a new business model. Toshiba is promoting DE to build the IT foundations necessary to secure the combination of the cyber and the physical through the investments planned in the Toshiba Next Plan, and to become a CPS technology company that creates new services and solves social problems through co-creation with business partners.

■Mr. Yumita’s career
Apr. 1983:   Joined Sony Corporation Oversea Sales
Oct. 1988:   Assigned to Logistics in Sony America
May 1992:   Assigned to Logistics, Sony Corporation
Nov. 2000:  Engaged in planning for an e-business model
Apr. 2003:   Assigned to the Supply Chain Innovation Project in Sony Supply Chain Solutions, Inc.
Sept. 2009: Appointed Director, in Sony Global Solutions Inc.
Apr. 2015:   Appointed Representative Director and President in Sony Global Solutions Inc.

[1] CPS collect data from the physical world to be analyzed and processed using digital technology. CPS create value through a constant feedback loop between the cyber and physical worlds. A CPS technology company generates higher added value by applying that technology.