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Toshiba Publishes English Edition of Environmental Report 2017

19 Jan, 2018

Tokyo—Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) today announced publication of the English edition of “Toshiba Group Environmental Report 2017”.

Today, the international community faces a variety of ever more serious issues such as climate change and resource depletion. The report includes an overview of Toshiba Group’s “Environmental Vision 2050*1”, developed to help resolve such issues, and the achievements and targets of the “Environmental Action Plan”, our mid-term plan to support achievement of Environmental Vision 2050. It also introduces our activities to mitigate climate change, use resources efficiently, and manage chemicals properly in our manufacturing and products, and the organizational base that supports these activities. Furthermore, to understand how global environmental issues affect our business, we have analyzed risks and opportunities for each issue.

The report can be downloaded from Toshiba’s Environment website at:

The report has the following sections:

1. Vision and Strategies

This provides an overview of Environmental Vision 2050, a report on the achievements made under the Fifth Environmental Action Plan (FY2012-2016) and the targets of the Sixth Environmental Action Plan (FY2017-2020). It also covers our Sustainable Portfolio (environmental contributions of our products and services that reduce environmental impacts during each stage of their lifecycles), and our efforts to quantify greenhouse gas emissions in our supply chain.

2. Business (Manufacturing, Products and Services)

This looks at our activities to reduce environmental impacts during product  lifecycles and the environmental contributions of our products and services, including case studies. Measures covered here include reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the waste volumes, the amount of water received, and the volume of chemicals handled and discharged at production sites; contributions of energy-saving products and low-carbon energy technologies to mitigate climate change; efforts to optimize effective use of resources in products, etc. We also provide analysis of risks and opportunities for our business arising from three core issues: mitigation of climate change, efficient use of resources, and management of chemicals.

3. Management

This covers Toshiba Group’s environmental management structure, risks and compliance measures, environmental education and human resources development, environmental communications, conservation of biodiversity, environmental accounting, and evaluations by external parties. Regarding conservation of biodiversity, the report details achievements in our activities to develop biotopes at major sites worldwide, and our initiatives to contribute to 10 of the Aichi Targets*2 .


*1    Environmental Vision 2050 is Toshiba Group’s long-term vision, envisaging the ideal situation for mankind in 2050. It targets
increasing Toshiba Group's overall eco-efficiency to 10 times the FY2000 level by FY2050 (Factor 10), and realizing affluent lifestyles lived in harmony with the earth.
The Aichi Targets were adopted at the tenth Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP10) held in Nagoya, Japan in October 2010, and define 20 goals for the international community to achieve by 2020 such as “raising awareness”, “sustainable production”, and “conserving endangered species”.