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Toshiba Wins Order to Supply Independent Hydrogen Energy Supply System to Kyushu Resort

“H2One™” at Huis Ten Bosch Theme Park
7 Oct, 2015

TOKYO— Toshiba Corporation today announced that it has received an order from Huis Ten Bosch, Co., Ltd., the operator of a Holland-themed resort in Nagasaki, Kyushu, for the independent hydrogen energy supply system “H2OneTM”, designed as Resort Model. This system will supply electricity for the Phase-2 building of its Henn na Hotel that is scheduled to open in March 2016. This is Toshiba’s first commercial delivery of its independent hydrogen energy supply system.

The H2OneTM, designed as Resort Model is expected to be used for areas where energy infrastructure is inadequate, or where hotel operators want to minimize their environmental footprint. By making full use of renewable energy and hydrogen-powered fuel cells, H2OneTM designed as Resort Model offers CO2-free, environmentally friendly solution that can produce all the energy needed by hotels and other resort facilities.

Long hours of sunshine allow photovoltaic generation to provide more than enough electricity to power the Henn na Hotel’s Phase 2 building during summer, and this installed system will use surplus power to electrolyze water and produce hydrogen. The hydrogen will be stored in a tank, ready for use on demand, and in winter it will be used to power fuel cells that generate electricity and warm water. The H2OneTM  designed as Resort Model has enough capacity to supply Henn na Hotel’s Phase 2 with electricity throughout the year.

The H2OneTM, designed as Resort Model is also equipped with the new hydrogen tank that contains a hydrogen storage alloy supporting much improved high-density storage. The new tank is less than one-tenth of the size of the conventional model it replaces, and suitable for use even in small spaces.

The Phase-1 building of Henn na Hotel has opened on July 17 this year, and the Phase-2 building is scheduled to open in March 2016. As an environmentally-friendly smart hotel, the Henn na Hotel incorporates various leading-edge technologies, including robot that work as receptionists, porters and cloak clerks and handle other hotel operations.

Toshiba possesses the comprehensive suite of technologies essential for realizing a hydrogen economy. The company’s capabilities in renewables include photovoltaic, wind, hydropower and geothermal power generation, and it has leading-edge know-how in water electrolysis systems and fuel cells. Toshiba Group is combining its technologies to develop total hydrogen solutions, from generation through to utilization.

Image of  H2OneTM System

Image of Container
Image of Container of H2OneTM

Image of System Structure
Image of Structure of H2OneTM System