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Toshiba Reorganization to Strengthen IoT-Related Business

22 Jan, 2015

TOKYO—Toshiba Corporation (Tokyo: 6502) today announced that it will consolidate departments involved in information and communication technology (ICT) solutions into its in-house Cloud & Solutions Company on April 1. The move will allow the company to proactively promote the business that exploits the Internet of Things (IoT) – the interconnection of diverse devices to the Internet.

Success in realizing new IoT-based services and solutions lies in deploying software technology, including cloud computing and big data processing, in order to handle huge amounts of data at high speed.

ICT specialists and engineers within Toshiba Group will be brought together in a unified organization, so as to enhance the development of big-data analysis technology, real-time information processing technology and other ICT-related technologies. The new organization will also develop Toshiba’s common IoT platform by combining diverse expertise and experience from across Toshiba’s business segments – Energy & Infrastructure, Community Solutions, Healthcare Systems & Services, Electronic Devices & Components, and Lifestyle Products & Services – covering such areas as specifications and requirements for diverse equipment and systems, predicting future needs, and control technology.

Toshiba’s common IoT platform will serve as infrastructure for offering advanced connectivity of systems and devices over the Internet, with the aim of creating new IoT services and solutions that realize all-encompassing monitoring, analysis and control. Towards this, the company will undergo a rapid shift in focus from being a business that merely provides products towards a business model that provides products that realize excellent user experiences.

Toshiba’s current Corporate Information Systems Division, Corporate Software Engineering Center, and part of Toshiba Solutions Corporation’s system integration business, will be merged into the Cloud & Solutions Company, and Toshiba I.S. Corporation, which supplies information systems and services to the Toshiba Group, will become a subsidiary of the Cloud & Solutions Company.

Toshiba Group continually endeavors to achieve the company’s vision of creating a safe, secure and comfortable society, the “Human Smart Community,” drawing on its world-class expertise in Energy, Healthcare and Storage products and services and utilizing ICT solutions technology. By making full use of its technology resources, expertise and personnel, Toshiba Group will aim to create new value that matches today’s and tomorrow’s needs.