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Toshiba to Supply 10,000 Energy Storage Systems for
Eneres, Japan's Energy Services and Equipment Provider

--Toshiba's SCiBTM--based system balances energy supply and demand
23 Oct, 2014

TOKYO—Toshiba Corporation (Tokyo: 6502) today announced that it has been selected by Eneres Co., Ltd., a pioneer in providing business solutions to independent power producers and suppliers (PPS), to supply 10,000 energy storage systems. The storage systems, which will have a maximum output of 10kW and a capacity 9.9kWh, will be installed at end-user sites by Eneres, where they will support a best balance between energy supply and demand. Toshiba will deliver the system to Eneres in the period up to the end of fiscal year 2015 (March 31, 2016).

Toshiba's energy storage systems integrates the company's SCiBTM lithium-ion secondary battery which is known for its long-life and excellent performance. The SCiBTM supports over 10,000 charge-discharge cycles and rapid charging and discharging, while offering high level reliability and operational safety.

Toshiba's energy storage systems will allow Eneres to provide its customers with a solution that minimizes imbalances in energy supply and demand resulting from the intermittent nature of power outputs from renewable energy or change in temperature and optimize the energy balance at end-users' sites by providing remote energy management of charge and discharge of the system. Energy retailers can minimize the cost of purchasing energy from power utilities at times when supply falls short of demand. End-users can minimize contract ampere with peak-cut-control and lower energy costs by storing energy during off-peak times, when the cost is lower than during the high demand hours of daytime, and using stored energy during daytime. End-users can also use the system as the back-up power supply at the time of power disruption.

Toshiba is promoting battery energy storage system globally as a support for stable power supply, and is also involved in Smart Community projects around the world. In Japan, these include a renewable power supply project in Okinawa and a large-scale urban project serving homes and offices in Yokohama. Overseas, they include a collaborative on-site verification testing program with GAS NATURAL FENOSA, one of Spain's leading natural gas utilities, that uses a transportable battery energy storage system to achieve an efficient, reliable and stable distribution network*. In commercial systems, Toshiba has received an order for the battery energy storage system from Rome-based ACEA Distribuzione S.p.A (Gruppo ACEA), one Italy's leading public utilities, and in Japan an order from Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc. for a battery energy storage system with the output of 40MW, the world's highest class.

Toshiba's SCiBTM-based energy storage systems offer a solution that can significantly contribute to stable supply of energy. Toshiba will continue to develop innovative solutions to support reliable supply of electricity, and expects to expand its battery energy storage systems business in the global market.

Supported by Japan's New Energy and Industrial Technology Development organization (NEDO), under its program for "Development of Large Scale Energy Storage System with High Safety and Cost Competitiveness

Outline of Energy Storage Systems

1.Rating:    10kW
2.Rated output voltage:  AC 202V
3.Rated output frequency:  50/60Hz (auto-detect)
4.Battery capacity:   9.9kWh
5.Battery system:   SCiBTM 20Ah cell
6.Electric mode:   Single-phase three-wire system 
7.Dimensions:   W950 x H1,600 x D550 (excluding channel baes)
8.Weight:    Approximately 511kg
9.Place of installation:  Outside

Image of Toshiba Energy Storage System