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Toshiba Smart Home Offers Customers a Hands-on Experience of Tomorrow

2 Oct, 2014



TOKYO—Toshiba Corporation (Tokyo: 6502) today announced the construction of Toshiba Smart Home at Fuchu Complex, the company’s core social infrastructure development facility. Opened today, Toshiba Smart Home offers Toshiba’s customers a hands-on experience of its comprehensive home solutions line-up. It will feature current products and services, introduce new technologies in the pipeline, and showcase technology concepts for future homes.

As a showroom, Toshiba Smart Home displays Toshiba Group’s products and services in three areas: Energy, Comfort and Healthcare. It offers new value propositions covering the body, mind and the environment to home builders and condominium developers, and also provides a venue where Toshiba can carry out demonstration experiments to facilitate the development of smart home products and services.

Optimal solutions installed in Toshiba Smart Home monitor residents’ lifestyle patterns and manage operation of a solar photovoltaic power generation system, an Ene-Farm home fuel cell and other systems to minimize heating and lighting costs. Energy solutions draw on electricity usage data accumulated through demonstration experiments in which the company has participated, in Japan and overseas.

The Toshiba Smart Home’s air-conditioning and lighting systems are linked to sensors. Image sensors track residents’ motions to adjust air conditioning and lighting, in order to save energy and improve comfort.

In the healthcare field, Toshiba is developing wristband sensors that monitor residents’ health and sleep conditions. These sensors sync with and control systems and appliances in the home. Some rooms in Toshiba Smart Home use RENECAT, a visible-light photocatalyst with deodorant and antimicrobial qualities and have an HEMS*-controlled autonomous home vacuum cleaner to help keep the house clean.

Toshiba is committed to creating a safe, secure and comfortable society, the “Human Smart Community.” In order to achieve this commitment, the company is accelerating the development of products and services that will improve energy efficiency and comfort and expand the home solutions business.

Overview of Toshiba Smart Home


Building area:              140.77 m2
Total floor area:          225.13m2
Floor arrangement:     4 rooms, a living room, and a dining room-cum-kitchen
Construction method:       Wooden, two-by-six method

Major facilities

 Smart meter
 Home solar power system
 eneGoonTM stationary home energy storage system
 Ene-Farm home fuel cell
 Toshiba EcoCute heat pump water heater
 LED lighting
 Whole-house air conditioning
 Smart Eye Sensor, a motion sensor using image recognition technology
 Smart home display
 Smart home appliances
 Healthcare equipment, etc.


HEMS: Home energy management system