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Toshiba to showcase environmental technologies at Singapore's Eco-Products International Fair 2013

7 Mar, 2013

Singapore, Tokyo—Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) and its Asian regional corporate representative, Toshiba Asia Pacific Ltd., today announced that Toshiba will showcase its latest environmental products and technologies at Eco-Products International Fair 2013 (EPIF 2013), at the Sands Expo & Convention Center, Singapore, from March 14 to 16. Toshiba will be in Hall B, Booth AA08, and will exhibit a wide range of products and solutions for both industry and consumers. The focus will be on the benefits that can be achieved through innovations that secure environmental consciousness and high added value.

Commenting on the fair, Mr. Fumio Otani, Toshiba's Corporate Representative for Asia, said: "Toshiba has long understood the importance of conserving the environment as an irreplaceable asset for future generations. We rigorously promote environmental management and activities, with the express objective of becoming one of the world's foremost eco-companies. With Environmental Vision 2050 we have defined a corporate vision that envisages affluent lifestyles in harmony with the Earth and the eco-efficiency targets required to achieve it. In Asia's fast growing markets, we meet our customers' needs and requirements with environmentally conscious solutions across our business domains."

Under the unifying theme "eco style for Our Life, for Our Society", Toshiba's booth at EPIF 2013 will feature two distinct zones: Life Zone and Society Zone. Life Zone demonstrates how Toshiba's environmentally conscious products offer customers more convenient, affluent lifestyles, Society Zone introduces solutions to environmental issues that many countries face today.

The booth will throw the spotlight on 25 products in 14 categories, and its highlights include Power TVs and other low power home appliances, an advanced home energy management system (HEMS), a motor for the trains of tomorrow, and advances that make the office much more environmentally conscious.

Life Zone

Digital Products

Power-saving products include the Power TV, Toshiba's major brand in Asia, designed for maximum energy efficiency and clear picture quality, even when signals are weak, and energy efficient PCs with magnesium casing.

Home Appliances

Washing machines that use less power and water, the quiet S-DD inverter, low power refrigerators and home LED lighting point the way to the energy-efficient homes.

Home Energy Management System

Toshiba's HEMS offers a complete solution that monitors, measures and controls electricity, gas and water consumption. Fully compliant with ECHONet Lite[1], the standard for home network systems, this HEMS will be installed in apartment blocks in Singapore.

Society Zone

Social Infrastructure

Transportation systems solutions include the Toshiba's unique Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM), a higher efficiency traction motor for railways, that has saving energy, easy maintenance, and low noise operation features. In healthcare solutions, an increasingly important concern, Toshiba's CT scanner offers higher image resolution that supports better diagnosis while saving power.

The Office

Toshiba's paper re-use system can cut paper consumption by up to 80%. Moreover, when data is erased, it is automatically scanned, digitized and archived, and erased paper is auto-filtered: paper for reuse goes to one tray, paper with unerasable sections to another. Toshiba's DC twin rotary compressor and variable refrigerant flow (VRF) control technology together realize a multi air conditioner for buildings that leads the industry's in power efficiency.

Electronic Devices

Toshiba's meets the demands of our age of Big Data with storage solutions based on tiered storage devices: super high performance enterprise solid state drives (SSD) with a maximum capacity of 1.6-terabytes (TB); enterprise hard disk drives (HDD) with rotation speed of 10,500rpm and capacities of up to 900-gigabytes; and near-line HDD with capacities of up to 4TB. This approach offer much better power efficiency than standard HDD storage systems.

Technology and solutions

Toshiba is also working on industrial solutions to secure a better environment. Examples in Singapore include a non-chemical feed filtration system for treating water to reduce residual waste, which employs a reusable functional powder; and an environmentally conscious modular data center that minimizes air-conditioning equipment and space. Toshiba's smart community projects around the world will be also featured.


ECHONET Lite:A communication standard for HEMS defined by the ECHONET CONSORTIUM in July, 2011. It defines controls for more than 80 appliances such as home appliances, smart meters and photovoltaic systems. It was recommended as a standard interface by the Japan Smart Community Alliance's Smart House Standardization Study Group in February 2012.