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Toshiba Develops Tetrapod Robot for Tokyo Electric Power Plant
Fukushima No.1 Nuclear Power Plant

21 Nov, 2012


tetrapod robot second camera
tetrapod robot second camera

TOKYO—Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO:6502) today announced that it has developed a tetrapod robot able to carry out investigative and recovery work in locations that are too risky for people to enter, such as Tokyo Electric Power Plant Fukushima No.1 Nuclear power plant.

The new robot integrates a camera and dosimeter and can investigate the condition of nuclear power plants by remote-controlled operation. The multiple joints of its legs are controlled by a dedicated movement algorithm that enables the robot to walk on uneven surfaces, avoid obstacles and climb stairs, securing access into areas that is challenging to be reached by wheeled robots or crawlers. The robot also has a folding arm that can release a companion smaller robot that mounts a second camera. This can be launched from the main robot and positioned to take images of narrow places and any equipment behind them, and tubes and other places that are too small for the robot to enter. It is connected to the main robot by a cable.

Toshiba will continue research and development on capabilities and operation of the robot so as to enable it to position and install shielding, stop flows of water and remove obstacles.

Outline of the tetrapod robot

Weight:    65kg
Size:    624mm (L) x 587mm (W) x 1066mm (H)
Power Source:   Battery
Battery time:   2 hours (continuous use)
Weight Capacity:  20kg
Walking Speed:   1km/h
Operation:   Wireless remote control

Outline of the second camera

Weight:    2kg
Size:    313mm (L) x 327mm (W) x 47mm (H)
Power Source:   Battery
Battery time:   1 hour
Speed:    200m/ h
Operation:   cable connection with the main robot