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Toshiba to Start of Smart Community Demonstration Project in Lyon, France

- selected by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization-
16 Dec, 2011

Toshiba Corporation
Toshiba Solutions Corporation

Tokyo—Toshiba Corporation (Tokyo: 6502) and Toshiba Solutions Corporation (Tokyo: ) today announced that the companies have been selected by Japan's New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) as lead contractors for a Smart Community demonstration project in central Lyon, France's second largest city. The project will start in January next year and run through to the end of March 2016 and has a value of approximately 5 billion yen.

Lyon Confluence is a major project to redevelop a former industrial and transportation hub on the lower end of the peninsular formed by the confluence of the Rhone and Saone rivers in central Lyon. The scope of the project is making the project a showcase for advanced technologies.

Under the NEDO project, Toshiba and Toshiba Solutions will deliver key technologies in four areas, based on Toshiba's Smart Community concept and Smart Grid technologies: the achievement of Positive Energy Buildings (PEB); remote monitoring and management of photovoltaic power generation for an electric vehicle charging system; home energy management; and a network to integrate and support Smart Community management. The two companies have already successfully completed a feasibility study for this comprehensive project and will now bring it to fruition.

Toshiba and Toshiba Solutions, as lead contractors for a group of Japanese companies, and in cooperation with French companies also contributing to the project, will carry out four key tasks.

Task 1: Supply essential equipment for realizing PEB, buildings that generate more energy than they consume and that can supply power to the grid. The companies will supply photovoltaic power generation systems, power conditioning systems (PCS), LED lighting system, smart battery systems based on the SCiBTM rechargeable battery, plus Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) and Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) derived from those developed under the Yokohama Smart City Project promoted Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
Task 2: Supply an energy management system (EMS) for a photovoltaic power generation system used to power electric vehicles for a car share program.

Task 3: Supply homes with an energy management system that allows visualization and control of energy consumption.
Task 4: Supply of a Community Management System (CMS) able to collect real-time data from the systems installed under tasks 1 to 3, in order to support operation and management of the overall Smart Community and planning and construction of future development.
Toshiba Corporation is an industry leader in bringing the promise and potential of the Smart Community to fruition and to date has participated in 13 projects around the world, including a "Smart Grid Research and Demonstration Project in New Mexico" in the United States, the "Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor Project" in India and the "Tianjin Urban Development and Environment Project" in China. These and other projects allow Toshiba to test, verify and refine Smart Community technologies including energy saving building and Electric Vehicle involving demand side and supply side.

Going forward, Toshiba and Toshiba Group will continue to refine the technologies that will create extended Smart Communities and proactively seek to expand business on the global scale.

Outline of project

1. Location: Lyon Confluence, Lyon, France
2. Term: January 2011 to March, 2016
3. Participating companies and roles:


  • Toshiba and Toshiba Solutions (general contractor)
     Supply of energy management system and energy monitoring system
  • Panasonic, Asahi Glass
     Supply of solar power generation system
  • Mitsubishi Motors
     Supply of electric vehicles


  • Bouygues Immobilier 
     Building construction of building
  • Veolia Transdev 
     Provision of car-sharing service
  • Peugeot Citroen group
     Supply of electric vehicles