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Toshiba Publishes Environmental Report 2010 in English

--Company provides latest comprehensive data
on environmental measures and initiatives
13 Oct, 2010

Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO:6502) today announced publication of the English edition of the Toshiba Group Environmental Report 2010, which covers the full spectrum of environmental activities in FY2009 and initiatives in FY2010 by Toshiba Corporation and Toshiba Group companies worldwide. The full text of the report can be downloaded from the Toshiba Environmental Management web site at

Environmental Report 2010 provides Toshiba's stakeholders and other interested parties with an authoritative resource on Toshiba Group's environmental policies, plans, programs and activities.

One highlight of this year's report is a feature on Toshiba's introduction of the global brand "eco style"and of the concepts that guide Toshiba Group's environmental management: Greening of Process, Greening of Products and Greening by Technology. Another highlight is a report on Toshiba's approach toward conservation of biodiversity, reflecting the fact that 2010 is the International Year of Biodiversity. The report also includes coverage of Toshiba's application of a life-cycle impact assessment method based on endpoint modeling (LIME) to gauge environmental impacts, and of the Toshiba Group 1.5 Million Tree-planting Project, a worldwide forest development project that will continue through to Toshiba Group's 150th anniversary in 2025.

From this year, Toshiba will also make available a downloadable Chinese edition of the Environmental Report, providing more people with access to Toshiba Group's environmental policies, plans, programs and activities.

The report consists of the following key sections:

1. Highlights

CEO commitment, Environmental Vision 2050, the environmental plan and impacts and biodiversity

2. Greening of Process

Toshiba Group's aim for the world's lowest level of CO2 emissions, mitigation of climate change, management of chemicals, efficient use of resources, responses to environmental risks and recycling of end-of-life products

3. Greening of Products

Toshiba Group's "eco-targets"as new standards for environmentally conscious products (ECP), in order to achieve the highest level of environmental performance, mitigate climate change, manage chemicals and assure efficient usage of resources

4. Greening by Technology

Toshiba Group's contributions to providing stable power supply and mitigating climate change through nuclear power technology, next-generation thermal power technology, renewable energy generation and power distribution networks, including Smart Grid. The Group also provides water supply and wastewater system solutions.

5. Communications

Toshiba Group's effort to provide information through the Environmental Report and environmental advertising, environmental communications activities worldwide and evaluations by third parties. Toshiba Environmental Report 2009 took top prizes in the 13th Environmental Communications Awards, held under the auspices of the Ministry of the Environment, and Toyo Keizai Inc's 13th Environmental & Sustainability Report Awards.

6. Environmental management

Toshiba Group's basic policies, management structure, education, audits, evaluation, awards and accounting related to environment. The Group, in order to improve the reliability of the environmental performance data presented, requested a certification organization to conduct a third-party verification of the data. Additionally, the report acquired color universal design certification from a Japanese NPO.

The Japanese edition of the report was published on August 30, 2010 and is available at the following URL: (