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Toshiba Publishes English Edition of CSR Report 2009

10 Aug, 2009

Toshiba Corporation today announced that the English edition of the Toshiba Group Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2009, a comprehensive account of Toshiba Group's latest CSR activities, is now available. The full text of the report is available now at

CSR Report 2009 provides Toshiba's stakeholders with an authoritative resource on Toshiba Group's CSR policies, plans, programs and activities. Promotion of CSR management is one of Toshiba's basic management policies, and the latest edition of the report includes a message from Toshiba's new President and CEO, Mr. Norio Sasaki, on the Group's commitment to CSR.

The report is edited to reflect interests and opinions expressed by stakeholders. Its content covers such topics as the progress made by each business toward achieving Environment Vision 2050, Toshiba's long term environmental objectives; and overseas activities promoted as part of global CSR management.

The Japanese edition is also available on-line at