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Toshiba to Bring New Levels of Leading Edge Technologies at CES 2009

7 Jan, 2009

LAS VEGAS, January 7, 2009 and TOKYO, January 8, 2009—Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) will invite visitors to the Consumer Electronics Show, CES 2009, to experience Digital Life Innovation and how Toshiba's latest advances in digital technologies create new products and new services, and realize the potential of the "ultimate on-demand experience."

The company will also showcase its leadership in combining the latest technological achievements with promotion of environmental initiatives. CES 2009 will run from January 8 to 11 in Las Vegas, and Toshiba will be at Central Hall, booth #12814.

Major Exhibits of New Technologies

[1] The Digital Home

Toshiba is driving forward the concept of total connectivity: all the time, everywhere and anywhere access to the Internet and all sorts of content. At CES 2009, Toshiba will showcase the "ultimate on-demand experience," and new technologies that make interaction with network content easier than ever, and that bring Toshiba’s "Digital Life Innovation" into the home.

-Prototype Cell TVs

The high performance of the Cell platform bring superb picture quality and networking interactivity to TVs. Demonstrations at CES will include real-time super resolution imaging, using a 56-inch, 4k x 2k pixel panel to display images that the Cell platform upconverts from 1920x1080p to 3840x2160p, and also upconverting of content such as Internet video to high picture quality by application of "Resolution+" technology in combination with newly developed noise reduction technology. In addition, a 55-inch backlit LED panel controlled by the Cell platform will be showcased, and demonstrate high-speed control of all picture parameters, including an innovative local dimming function. Visitors can also see how the Cell TV goes beyond breathtaking image quality to deliver extremely fast and easy operation of networking functions.

-AV Devices with Network Players

Toshiba is also taking the lead in expanding the realm of home entertainment by seeking  further convergence of CE and IT technologies. At CES, the company will demonstrate how the integration of advanced IT software platforms with digital consumer products enhances the user experience by providing access to a broad range of content over the Internet, and allow TVs to receive diverse content and share it with PCs. Toshiba is taking the lead in attaining the goal of realizing the new experience of enjoying content, anytime and anywhere, through integration of key software platforms. Further details of this concept will be unveiled on the first press day of the CES Show.

-Network Technology

REGZA LINK (HDMI-CEC) currently achieves simplified operation of multiple digital products connected by HDMI cables. But the next generation version does it all wirelessly. Toshiba will demonstrate REGZA LINK (HDMI-CEC) based on WirelessHD™(1) technology, which realizes wireless transmission of uncompressed HD video and audio data at speeds allowing devices to be positioned anywhere in a room. Toshiba will also spotlight high speed data transfers among digital products based on TransferJet™(2) technology, a close proximity wireless technology standardized by the TransferJet Consortium. The concept model for future PC, mobile and digital products offers simple operation, safe connection and fast, reliable data transfers.

-User interface and Navigation

More content means more to search through. Toshiba makes searching fast and easy with an intuitive next generation user interface. "Content Finding Navigation" is based on an original algorithm that calculates the relevance between various types of content. The interface is a portal to the universe of networked content. Toshiba will also display its cutting-edge "Spatial Motion Interface," an interactive 3D GUI that integrates a 3D-capturing infrared sensor. The interface is based on an original motion recognition algorithm that allows users to use hand movements to search for and navigate recorded content on a digital TV.

-Download of Digital Content via SD Cards

Another must-see at the Toshiba Booth is the MOD Systems' digital video download system, which delivers movies to SD Cards. At CES Toshiba will showcase the versatility of the content playback options the system delivers: dedicated set-top boxes that bring the service to TVs without an SD card slot; on-the-go portable devices; and a REGZA TV with SD card slot. To access content, just slip an SD card into the slot. This display is offered in collaboration with MOD.

[2] Picture Enhancement Technology

Toshiba's latest line-up of digital products—LCD TVs, DVDs, and PCs—all offer image enhancement technologies. Whatever the platform, Toshiba’s picture enhancement technologies deliver leading-edge products that allow users to enjoy near-HD experience and to fully utilize their current DVD collections and video assets.

-“Resolution+” based on Super Resolution Technology

Super Resolution pictures are achieved by Toshiba's "Resolution+," based on Super Resolution LSI technology. This breakthrough image processor faithfully reproduces source images at a new level of high picture quality. Digital terrestrial broadcasts and standard DVD sources boosted to near HD quality are introduced on the latest additions to the “REGZA” line-up of LCD TV and the "Qosmio" AV notebook PC series.

-XDE™(3) (eXtended Detail Enhancement)

XDE technology brings innovation and improved image quality to DVD players. XDE upconverts images, and then applies a combination of video processing technologies, "detail enhancement", "intelligent color" and "contrast enhancement," to deliver enhanced picture quality. Users can enjoy near-HD image quality from existing DVD collections and video content recorded on DVD discs.

[3] Mobile and Storage Technologies

-Industry leading 512GB SSD

The future of on-board storage can be seen in the new industry-leading 512GB solid state drive (SSD), along with Toshiba new line-up of smaller capacity SSD Flash Modules for network PCs and other personal equipment. The new line-up of hard disk drive (HDD), including a half terabyte 2.5-inch HDD, will also be on display.

-Prototype Future Mobile Internet Devices

Concept models of future mobile Internet products that fuse enhanced portability with enjoyment of the Internet with easy portability. Devices displayed include NetworkStationery, an Internet notepad, plus a water resistant viewer, devices powered by DMFC, and a thin 5mm card-sized device.

[4] Environmentally Conscious Products

-LED downlight

Energy-saving light-emitting diodes (LED) directly convert electrical energy into optical energy. The E-CORE 100 and E-CORE 60 LED downlight series (for the Japanese market) that will light the Toshiba booth have a long life of 40,000 hours, and consume only one-seventh of the power of an equivalent mini krypton bulb.


SCiB—the Super Charge Battery—is Toshiba's breakthrough rechargeable battery, and  it offers excellent safety, long-life and rapid charging. Prototypes of notebook PCs integrating an SCiB point the way to improved battery life—the SCiB can be recharged 6,000 times—and to greater convenience and efficiency, with a target recharge time of 90 percent in just 10 minutes. SCiB is now emerging in the market place as an efficient, versatile solution. Commercial application of SCiB to an electric bike will be on display.

Energy Efficient LCD TVs and Environmentally Conscious Notebook PCs

Advances in cutting energy consumption in TVs will be showcased by LCD TVs, including future models integrating a new panel that Toshiba has used to cut power consumption by 26%(5)—equivalent to reducing CO2 emissions by 214g a day(5). EPEAT(6)-gold rated computers—Portégé A600, Portégé R600, Portégé M750—recognized for elimination of cadmium, lead and mercury, energy-efficient operation, design for recycling and green procurement, will also be on display.

(1) WirelessHD is a trademark of WirelessHD,LLC.
(2) TransferJet is a trademark of TransferJet Consortium.
(3) XDE is a trademark of Toshiba Corporation.
(4) SCiB is a trademark of Toshiba Corporation.
(5) Compared with 2008 46XV545U model
(6) EPEAT: Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool