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Toshiba to launch industry's largest 16GB microSDHC

Enhancing the lineup of the SD memory card series
26 Nov, 2008

Photo of 16GB microSDHC, 16GB and 8GB SDHC cards

TOKYO-- Toshiba Corporation, a leading innovator in memory card technologies and solutions, today reinforced its memory card line-up with the launch of a 16GB microSDHC card offering the largest capacity available in the market. At the same time, the company extended its range of industry-leading memory card solutions by adding ultra fast read write 8GB and 16GB SDHC cards to its line-up. Mass production of the new SDHC cards will start in December, with production of the new microSDHC slated to start in January 2009.

 All the new SD memory cards comply with the SD memory standard Ver. 2.00, and the SDHC cards support class 6 ultra fast read write speed-- a maximum write speed of 20MB per second, delivering the performance level necessary for continuous shooting of still images and recording video images. The new cards meet strong market demands for cards combining high capacities with high speed data read and write. The new microSDHC can be used with an adapter that allows it to be used in SDHC slots.

Demand is growing fast for larger data storage in portable digital consumer products. Micro SDHC cards provide a solution for mobile phones, while SDHC memory cards support for other digital consumer products.

The high-level specifications and wide range of memory cards announced by Toshiba will allow third-party developers to bring exciting applications to future generations of consumer products. Toshiba will continue to meet market demand by further expanding its SD memory card series.

Outline of New SD Memory Cards

Product Name Density SD Speed Class Price Start of mass production Mass production volume (monthly)
microSDHC Memory Card
16GB Class 2 Open Jan, 2009 30,000
SDHC Memory Card
16GB Class 6 Open Apr, 2009 5,000
SDHC Memory Card
8GB Open Dec, 2008 5,000

Note: Product names above are for the Japanese market.

Key Features

1. microSDHC Memory Card

(1) Large 16GB capacity in a microSDHC Card. Can store 270 hours of music at a bit rate of 128kbps.
(2) "Class 2" SD Speed Class
(3) Integrates highly secure CPRM copyright technology.

2. SDHC Memory Card (Ultra High Speed Type)

(1) Realizes maximum write speed of 20MB per sec.
(2) "Class 6" SD Speed Class
(3) Integrates highly secure CPRM copyright technology.


Interface SD Memory Card Standard Ver. 2.00 Compatible
Power Supply Voltage: 2.7 - 3.6V
Compatible Standard SD Memory Card Standard Ver. 2.00 Compatible
SD Speed Class Class 2 Class 6
Maximum Write Speed: 6MB a sec 20MB a sec
Exterior Dimensions: 15×11×1(mm) 32×24×2.1(mm) 32×24×2.1(mm)
Weight Approx.: 0.4g 2g 2g

Note: Product names above are for the Japanese market.

* Maximum read and write speed depends on such factors as device and file size.
* SDHC Memory Cards can be used only with devices that support the SD Memory Card Ver. 2.00 standard. They are not backward compatible with standard SD Memory Cards.
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