Toshiba Delivers SCiBTM, a Safe, Long-life, Rapid Charge Battery to Cannondale Sports Group

24 September, 2008

- SCiB to make product debut in a Schwinn Bicycles brand Electric bicycle featured at Interbike 2008 in Las Vegas -

Toshiba's SCiB Battery Module

Schwinn's Tailwind electric bike Schwinn's Tailwind electric bike

TOKYO--Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO:6502) today announced that its SCiB battery has been selected by Cannondale Sports Group, a global leader in branded bicycles and a division of Dorel Industries, Inc.(TSX: DII.B, DII.A) to provide the power battery module for a new electric bicycle for the North American and European markets. Toshiba's SCiB 24V/4.2Ah module will be installed in the Tailwind, a new electric bicycle Cannondale Sports Group will bring to market under the Schwinn Bicycles brand, one of the most revered names in U.S. cycling history. Commercial launch of the Tailwind is scheduled for early 2009, in the North American and European markets.

SCiB-the Super Charge ion Battery-is a breakthrough rechargeable battery developed by Toshiba that offers excellent safety, long-life and rapid charge.

SCiB and the Schwinn Tailwind electric bike, the first commercial application of SCiB, will be on display at Interbike 2008, the largest bicycle trade show in North America. Interbike will run from September 24 to 26, in Las Vegas.

"Electric bicycles are the fastest-growing bike segment in the United States and around the world, and we are committed to becoming a market leader in the eBikes category," said Bruno Maier, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Cannondale Sports Group. "We are honored to work with Toshiba in bringing the first commercial SCiB product to market, particularly since the launch of the Tailwind is a key part of our strategy as Schwinn Bicycles now has the fastest-charging electric bike on the planet."

"This is a significant milestone for SCiB," said Shoshi Kawatsu, General Manager, Super Charge Battery Div. of Toshiba's Transmission Distribution & Industrial Systems Company. "The SCiB is a major innovation. It is safe, powerful, and offers an exceptionally-fast recharge time. We demonstrated these characteristics to Cannondale Sports Group, and we are very pleased that they chose to bring the battery technology to the Schwinn Tailwind electric bike. In terms of environmental impact, the SCiB offers a long life that helps to reduce waste, and we believe that the new Schwinn Tailwind will have a strong appeal for people concerned with the environment."

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SCiB Major Characteristics

1. Excellent safety

SCiB adopts a new negative-electrode material that offers a high level of thermal stability and a high flash point electrolyte, and has a structure resistant to internal short circuiting and thermal runaway. The possibility of rupture or combustion is very low.

2. Long Cycle life

Capacity loss after 3,000 cycles of rapid charge and discharge is less than 10%. SCiB has an excellent long cycle life, and is able to repeat the charge-discharge cycle over 6,000 times.

3. Rapidly rechargeable

The superb safety characteristics of SCiB allow recharge with a current as large as 50 amperes (A), allowing the SCiB Cell and SCiB Battery Module to recharge to 90% of full capacity in only five minutes(1).

(1) Five minutes is the recharge performance of the SCiB TBP Series Module. Actual recharge times are defined by the products into which SCiB is integrated and on the peripheral components used with SCiB.

4. High power (practical capacity)

The SCiB has an input-output performance equivalent to that of an electric double layer capacitor. This feature is suited to high power applications.

5. Temperature

SCiB operates well in temperature extremes, with sufficient discharge at temperatures as low as -30°C. This characteristic also assures wide application in cold climates.

SCiB Major Specifications

  SCiB Cell SCiB Battery Module
Name - TBP Series
Nominal Voltage 2.4 volt (V) 24 volt (V)
Nominal Capacity 4.2 ampere hours (Ah) 4.2 ampere hours (Ah)
Size Approx. 62 x 95 x 13mm Approx. 100 x 300 x 45mm
Weight Approx. 150 grams Approx. 2000 grams

The SCiB is housed in an SCiB Battery Module comprising ten 4.2 ampere-hour (Ah) SCiB cells aligned in series connection, plus a battery management system.

In addition to applications that include electric bicycles, motorcycles, automated guided vehicles, electric forklift trucks and construction machinery, which already use rechargeable batteries, the SCiB can be applied to electric power regeneration and stabilization in emergency power sources and wind power systems. Application in hybrid cars is also planned, with the intent of extending application to electric cars in the future, after advancing development of a high-performance SCiB cell.

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