Toshiba Group 16th Environmental Exhibition 2007

08 March, 2007

TOKYO--Toshiba Corporation today announced that it will showcase its latest environmental initiatives for the general public when it holds its "16th Environmental Exhibition" at its Tokyo headquarters on March 8 and 9. The wide-ranging exhibition will explore 109 environmental protection activities, introduce environmentally conscious products and technologies, and seek to raise understanding of Toshiba's efforts and achievements in environmental protection.

Toshiba Group has long promoted integrated environmental management under voluntary environmental plans. Its current activities are guided by "Environmental Vision 2010," which defines targets and criteria for meeting two main concerns: raising the "eco-efficiency*1" of products and achieving eco-friendly innovation in business processes. The company also provides comprehensive accounts of its environmental activities, in its annual CSR report, on-line resources and the Environmental Exhibition. Originally directed at Toshiba Group employees and business partners, the exhibition has been open to the general public since 2001.

In its manufacturing operations, Toshiba seeks to develop and deliver environmentally conscious products. Toward this, the company is expanding the number of products that apply "Factor T*2", Toshiba's stringent methodology for determining a product's eco-efficiency. The latest exhibition will reveal that "Factor T" was applied to 70 product groups in FY2006 (to March 2007), an increase of 20 from the previous year. The percentage of environmentally conscious products is expected to account for 28% of total sales in FY 2006. Against FY2000, Toshiba predicts that its environmental activities will have the effect of reducing 4.3 million tons of CO2 emissions by its main products in FY 2006.

In manufacturing and distribution, Toshiba targets a 25% reduction in the ratio of energy-originated CO2 emissions to production volume by FY2010, with FY1990 as the base year. Although Toshiba significantly boosted FY2006 production of NAND flash memory, its primary semiconductor product, the total amount of CO2 emissions for the year was around 2.3 million tons*4, almost the same level (67% in energy oriented CO2 per nominal production rate) as in the previous fiscal year. Production growth is expected to continue in core products, but Toshiba is committed to reducing energy-originating CO2 emissions by 600 thousand tons, mainly in its semiconductor business, from FY2005 to FY2010. In line with this, Toshiba anticipates a reduction of around 100 thousand tons in FY 2006.

Toshiba Group aims to be a leading force in the move toward a society rooted in sustainable development. The company uses the Environment Exhibition to introduce its stakeholders to pro-environmental activities and to deepen understanding of Toshiba's environmental management. 

*1 Product "eco-efficiency" is based on the relationship between the product's environmental impact and its overall value in terms of function and performance. Eco-efficiency is calculated by dividing the value of the product by its environmental impact through its life cycle. The smaller the environmental impact and the higher the value of the product, the greater its eco-efficiency.

*2 "Factor T" (factor) is derived by dividing a product's eco-efficiency by the eco-efficiency of a standard benchmark product. The higher the eco-efficiency of a product, the larger its factor.

*3 Calculated by comparing products shipped in Toshiba's main 30 product groups in FY2006 against their equivalents in FY2000. The figure is the full year forecast for reductions in CO2 emissions by the company's main products (excluding power supply equipment) in FY2006. The figure includes products other than environmentally- conscious products.

*4 Forecast for full year as of March 2007.

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