Toshiba Introduces World's Highest Class of SDHC Card to World Market

November 20, 2006

World's first 8GB, Speed Class 4 SDHC Memory Card

World's first 8GB, Speed Class 4 SDHC Memory Card

TOKYO--Toshiba Corporation today announced the global launch of the latest addition to its new series of high-capacity SDHC Memory Cards: the industry's first 8-gigabyte Class 4 memory card. The new card will be introduced in early January 2007, alongside the 4GB products launched in September, and will give Toshiba larger commercially available lineup in high performance SD Memory Cards.

The SDHC (SD High Capacity) Memory Card is based on the SD Card Association's SD Specifications Ver2.00, which defines high capacity, high performance enhancements to market-leading SD Memory Cards. The new card meets the Class 4 standard, a speed standard that requires a data write speed of at least 4MB a second. Toshiba is first in the industry to announce the launch of Class 4 8GB SDHC memory card.

SDHC Memory Cards are expected to find wide application in digital video and still cameras, and Toshiba is enhancing global distribution of its new cards.

Outline of New SD Memory Card
Outline of New SD Memory Card
Note: The product name above is only for the Japanese market.

Key Features
(1) 8GB capacity supports capture of video images and high resolution still images. The new card can record a maximum of 3hrs. 10mins. of standard definition video in the MPEG2 format.
(2) Meets Class 4 in the "SD Speed Class", requiring high speed writing of at least 4MB per second, up to 6MB per second.



Reading and writing speed depends on conditions such as devices and file size.

* SDHC Memory Card cannot be used for devices which do not support SD Memory Card Ver2.00 standard as the file formats differ.

Customer Contact (in Japan)

Toshiba Consumer Marketing Corporation

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