Toshiba Launches Second Generation HD DVD Players
in Japanese Market

November 15, 2006

Continuing to Lead Innovation in HD DVD with Enhanced HD Experience


TOKYO -- Toshiba Corporation today announced the launch of its second generation HD DVD players in the Japanese market. The company will roll out two new players, HD-XF2 and HD-XA2, from late December.

The new HD DVD players are smaller and offer improved speed in loading and response times over the HD-XA1, the world's first HD DVD player, brought to market by Toshiba in March 2006. The new high-end HD-XA2 supports Deep Color technology, an optional standard under HDMI that improves representation of color tones and achieves finer color gradation. HD-XA2 also provides support for the superior high-definition images of 1080p output.

The two new players can playback pre-recorded HD DVD sources, delivering stunning digital high-definition pictures and crystal clear sound.

Both players offer advanced navigation and interactive features unique to the HD DVD format. A Picture in Picture (PIP) function include the ability to play supplementary video over the main program, allowing viewers to watch bonus content, such as a superimposed director's commentary or a documentary about the making of the movie, while the movie plays. The players' "pop-up menu" displays movie chapters with thumbnails while the movie plays, and allows users to navigate menu features without pausing playback.

The new players deliver the clarity and realism of advanced surround-sound formats, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD, and also support linear PCM 5.1ch audio. Up-conversion of standard DVD to a resolution of 1080i or 720p (1080p for HD-XA2) through an HDCP-capable HDMI output allows viewers to enjoy their current DVD libraries with an output resolution scaled to match their resolution of their HDTV or HD displays.

Toshiba has played a pioneering role in developing advanced technologies and bringing them to DVD players and recorders. The company introduced the market's first DVD recorder integrated with an HDD, and has continued to offer many industry firsts, including "double-recording", internet connectivity and adoption of the DVD multi-drive, bringing a new dimension to AV entertainment. More recently, Toshiba took the home video experience to the next, high definition level in March 2006 when it launched the world's first HD DVD player HD-XA1, and built on this achievement in July 2006 with the introduction of RD-A1, the world's first hard disk recorder with HD DVD drive. Toshiba launched a high-end HD DVD player HD-XA1 and mainstream model HD-A1 in the US in April. Those products offered advanced features surpassing anything available in conventional DVD players.

The availability of HD DVD content continues to increase, with more titles expected within this year from various content providers including Paramount Home Entertainment, Universal Pictures and Warner Home Video. This fast growing availability is spurring demand for even more advanced HD DVD players. Toshiba's HD-XF2 and HD-XA2 build on technologies introduced in its first generation player, and achieve enhanced picture quality, a more compact body and faster operation, including start-up time, all improvement that reflect market demand.

Through its proactive promotion of second generation HD DVD players in the market and continued introduction of HD DVD products in the market, Toshiba will continue to achieve early and extensive penetration of the next generation DVD format.

The new HD DVD players are designed with consideration for the environment, and Toshiba has sought to minimize their power consumption, size and weight. They also comply with the European Union's RoHS directive, which came into force in July 2006.

Outline of the Products

Outline of the Products

Key Features of the New Players

1. More compact body with faster response
The new HD DVD players achieve significant advances in downsizing. At 65.5mm, HD-XF2 achieves the industry lowest height of any next generation digital high-definition player*1. The players operate faster, including start-up time, and deliver improved usability.

*1 As of November 15, 2006

2. High definition picture output with up-converter and HDMI output
Through the HDMI interface, high-definition pictures stored on a disc can be displayed digitally in HD, on digital TVs and displays that incorporate HDCP capable HDMI input. Such TVs include Toshiba's new LCD TV REGZA Z2000 series. Through the HDMI interface, standard definition DVDs can be up-converted to an output resolution of 720p or 1080i (1080p for HD-XA2), to complement the performance of a HDTV.

HD-XA2 integrates a 1080p compatible up-scaler and a high performance IP converter that supports Deep Color technology to achieve finer color gradation.

3. Playback of superior picture quality with 4x oversampling (HD-XA2)
HD-XA2 incorporates a 297MHz/12bit video DAC to support 4x oversampling of 74.25MHz, a sampling frequency for the HD image, and to achieve high-definition picture quality with less noise, even when connected with a TV through D output and component output.

4. Advanced surround-sound formats
The new HD DVD players incorporate Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD, advanced surround-sound formats. Both players support PCM5.1ch output through HDMI output, and HD-XA2 integrates analog 5.1ch output, allowing consumers to enjoy surround sound by connecting the player to an AV amplifier.

5. Playback of high definition content and support for advanced content features
Alongside playback of high-definition quality HD DVD content, the HD-XF2 and HD-XA2 support enhanced functionality and diverse features. While those features depend on content, the players' "pop-up menu" displays menu or movie chapters while the movie plays, enabling to search desired functions or jump to a desired scene through chapter guide. The players also support PIP with motion video functions. For example, videos of director and actor commentaries can be superimposed concurrently on a movie while it continues to play, allowing the commentators to literally point to the material they are discussing.

6. Compatible to playback various discs including current DVD software
In addition to prerecorded DVD software, the new players support playback of DVD-R and DVD-RW discs. The players are also compatible with music CDs and can play back CD-R and CD-RW discs.

Key Specifications

Key Specifications
* HD-XF2 and HD-XA2 support AACS (Advanced Access Content System), the next generation content protection system.

Important Notes:
Design specifications and dimensions are not final and are subject to change. Please confirm specific features and exact dimensions by reference to the product itself. Because HD DVD is a new format that makes use of new technologies, certain disc, digital connection and other performance or compatibility issues are possible. Some DVDs and CDs may not be compatible. If you experience problems, please contact Toshiba Customer Service. HD DVD with high definition content required for HD output. Viewing high definition content and upconverting DVD content may require HDTV or HD display equipped with D3/D4 input, HDCP capable HDMI input, or component video input. Content can be displayed on other TVs or displays, but not in high definition. Also, some content may not playback or playback in lower resolution on D3/D4 and component video output. Some HDMI capable HDTVs or displays may not be compatible and/or may not support Deep Color. HD-XA2 HD DVD content output at 1080p available only as a result of up-conversion. A/V receiver with 5.1 analog (HD-XA2) or HDMI PCM audio capable (HD-XF2 and HD-XA2) input required for playback of advanced audio formats. Dolby(R) Digital Plus and Dolby True HD support for up to 5.1 channels. DTS-HD support for up to 5.1 channels of DTS(R) core only. Updates to player firmware may be required for some interactive features, depending on content, which may also require an always-on broadband internet connection. Some features may require additional bandwidth. Some features subject to delayed availability.

RoHS is a European Union environmental directive that eliminates the use of six hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

HDMI and High-Definition Multimedia interface are trademarks of HDMI Licensing, L.L.C. HD DVD and DVD are trademarks of the DVD Format/Logo Licensing Corporation. Dolby is a registered trademark of Dolby Laboratories. DTS is a registered trademark of DTS, Inc.

While Toshiba has made every effort at the time of publication to ensure the accuracy of the information provided herein, product specifications are subject to change without notice.

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