Toshiba Announces a Worldwide Third Party Component Exchange Program for Notebook PCs

1 November, 2004

Tokyo -- Toshiba Corporation today announced that it has identified a potential issue relating to memory module components ("the components") which are incorporated into specific models of Toshiba notebook PCs. The components, under certain conditions and when used in combination with certain other components, might potentially cause blue screens or intermittent PC lockups, or undetected memory data corruption, though the possibility of any of these events occurring is extremely low. The components in question are not manufactured by Toshiba; they were supplied by third parties.

Toshiba takes a consumer-oriented approach to its PC business and is determined to minimize any possible impact that customers may experience from this issue. Accordingly, the company is voluntarily initiating an exchange program, at no cost to customers, for those components that are contained in certain Toshiba notebook PCs. A full list of PCs that may potentially contain the components is at the end of this announcement; not all of these PCs contain the subject components. The program will run worldwide from November 1, 2004 until April 30, 2005. Toshiba no longer uses the subject components in its notebook PCs currently in production.

Customers who own any of the notebook PCs listed below can download a Toshiba-developed utility that analyzes their PC's system to determine whether or not it contains the subject components. The utility can be downloaded from Toshiba's website or from the Toshiba websites serving each region. Alternatively, customers can also receive a copy of the utility on a CD media by calling their local Toshiba customer service center. If the utility identifies the component as being contained in the customer's PC, it provides the customer with all the information required to receive a free replacement component.

More details are available on Toshiba's regional PC-related websites.

In Japan:

  • See posting at URL:
  • Or call toll-free to 0120-975-971
  • Or fax toll-free to 0120-975-972

Telephone support is available from 9:00 to 17:30, Monday to Friday, except all holidays including Toshiba holidays.

List of PCs

TECRA 9100

Satellite 2400
Satellite 2405
Satellite 1110
Satellite 1115
Satellite Pro M10
Satellite Pro M15
Satellite Pro M30
Satellite M30
Satellite M35
Portege R100
Portege M200/M205

Dynabook T5
Dynabook E6
Dynabook V7
Dynabook Satellite M10

dynabook SS S7
dynabook SS 2100
dynabook E7
dynabook V8
dynabook V9
dynabook VX1
dynabook SS M200

* PCs not on this list do not contain the subject component and are not part of this exchange program.

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