Toshiba Launches Hopbit: Innovative Mobile Pocket Server Combines Bluetooth(TM) Connectivity with High Capacity Data Storage (For the Japanese Market only)

9 October, 2002

Personal wireless server supports storage and transfers of
data, images and music on BluetoothTM-enabled digital mobile networks


Toshiba Corporation today announced the commercial release of HOPBIT, a personal mobile server that combines the wireless connectivity of BluetoothTM with the storage capabilities of a large capacity hard disk drive. Small enough to slip into a pocket and light enough to carry everywhere, HOPBIT is a powerful personal tool that can transmit, receive and store large volume data sources--including images and music--communicate with digital networks, and provide a new dimension in portable memory for personal information equipment, such as PDA and PC.

HOPBIT is a new concept in personal data storage that integrates short-range BluetoothTM wireless technology with a 5GB, 1.8-inch HDD, giving it the ability to store some 1000 pieces of music1, almost 37 hours of moving images2, and about 3000 digital pictures3. Toshiba-developed anti-vibration and shock technology assure error-free operation, even when on the move with the HOPBIT stored in a hand-carried bag, such as an attaché case.

The HOPBIT design concept maximizes operating life and ease of use. Adoption of the low-energy consumption, short-range wireless BluetoothTM specification supports data reception for up to 200 hours in stand-by mode, and the integral battery provides power for six hours of consecutive operation. A one-touch switch puts HOPBIT into long-term stand-by mode, during which it can be accessed by BluetoothTM-compliant equipment and execute data uploads and downloads. In addition to this, users can send and receive data and then use that data--watch digital movies or listen to music on a PDA or PC, or work with a software application--while HOPBIT remains in a pocket or bag.

Supporting Total Connectivity

The development of compact, high-speed PCs, coupled with progress in communications technology, is taking networking out of the office and home and making it an anywhere, anytime reality. As portable personal information terminals support moves to ubiquitous computing and total connectivity, demand is growing to bring wireless connectivity to more and different information equipment, including mobile telephones.

HOPBIT is a wireless bridge that will link all kinds of digital equipment and automatically deliver that data to handheld terminal--and other terminals--while left in a bag. HOPBIT is also a mobile entertainment device that allows users to capture and store data ranging from digital camera images, map information for navigational purposes, visual image information and music/audio information.

Essential Features

  • HOPBIT integrates a 5GB 1.8 inch HDD, a wireless data-transmission module and an integral battery. Unlike earlier devices that required a physical interface between a HDD and portable equipment, HOPBIT supports wireless connectivity BluetoothTM-enabled equipment and allows users to upload and download data from a handheld device.
  • HOPBIT is designed to withstand the vibrations and shock that are all part of using mobile equipment on the go. Compact and lightweight, this Pocket Server has a data storage capacity of 5GB, which means the equivalent of approximately 1000 pieces of music, almost 37 hours of moving images, or about 3000 digital pictures can be slipped into a shirt pocket or bag and carried anywhere and everywhere, with no fear of external shock.
  • The HOPBIT combines a thin, high capacity advanced lithium-ion battery with a low-energy consumption short-range BluetoothTM module that minimizes energy use during stand by. HOPBIT can receive up to 200 hours of transmissions during stand-by, and can be operated for 6 consecutive hours.
  • In stand-by mode, set at the touch of a switch, HOPBIT is ready for read and write operations and can receive uploads from and transmit downloads to BluetoothTM-compliant equipment.
  • An integrated USB 1.1 port also allows data to be transferred to and from HOPBIT via a USB cable if and when circumstances require it.
  • Provision of a BluetoothTM USB adapter allows connection with computers not equipped for BluetoothTM and so extends the range of equipment with which HOPBIT can communicate.

HOPBIT will be commercially available from November 1, 2002 in Japanese market. It can be purchased directly on-line at the Toshiba Digital Media Engineering Corporation web site (, or through selected retail channels.



1 MP3 and WMA format. Assuming each piece of music is five minutes long and recorded at 128kbps.
2 MPEG 4 movie, QVGA (320x240 pixels), 15fps
3 When a 9MB, 3-million pixel (2000x1500) original image is reduced to JPEG format.
4 Products supporting the BluetoothTM File Transmission Protocol (FTP) (including card slot)

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