Toshiba to Launch Bluetooth(TM) SDIO Card for Mobile Applications

25 September, 2002

BluetoothTM SDIO card adds wireless communication to mobile products

SDIO Card Type-B specification for Bluetooth(TM)

Tokyo--Toshiba Corporation today announced a BluetoothTM SDIO card that brings wireless communications capabilities to mobile and digital consumer products equipped with an SD slot. The new card will fully conform with the SDIO Card Type-B specification for BluetoothTM, while it already meets BluetoothTM Ver.1.1.

The SDIO card supports wireless digital uploads and downloads between suitably equipped products and is expected to use in PCs, PDAs, mobile phones and digital still cameras.

Toshiba launched the first BluetoothTM SDIO card with Genio e, its warmly received PDA that came to market in July 2001. The new SDIO card offers advanced specifications, including a 50% cut power in consumption and 9mm shorter package. The new card also has a flat profile.

Toshiba will supply the new SDIO card to manufacturers of digital consumer products and PC peripheral equipment, allowing them to use Toshiba's development tools to create application software utilizing the diverse potential of the new card. Manufacturers will then bundle the SDIO card and its software with the product and bring it to market.

Samples of the card are now available at US$100. Mass production is slated for October 2002 at 50,000 units a month.

Toshiba is the sole Japanese member of the BluetoothTM Special Interest Group and a leading promoter of the BluetoothTM standard that launched its first BluetoothTM-related products in 2000. The company has also established an organization to authorize use of the Bluetooth logo as a means to globally promote interoperability among BluetoothTM-related products.

Key Points

  • BluetoothTM SDIO card supports wireless data exchanges between mobile phones and a PC with a built-in BluetoothTM module- or inserted BluetoothTM PC card, up to a maximum distance of approximately 10 meters.
  • Power consumption during transmission is 50% less than that of the first-generation product; the new card is also 9mm shorter and flat.
  • By integrating BluetoothTM profiles and protocols such as SDP, RFCOMM and L2CAP in an SDIO card, digital consumer products can easily be BluetoothTM-enabled.
  • New BluetoothTM SDIO card will fully conform with the SDIO Card Type-B specification for BluetoothTM, while it already meets the SDIO SpecVer.1.0 and BluetoothTM Ver.1.1. Use of the Bluetooth logo has been authorized by its qualification organization.
  • Radio type approval by regulatory authorities in over 20 countries and regions, including Japan, the U.S., Europe and Asia, is expected to support global promotion.

Major Specifications

Major Specifications

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