Toshiba brings Bluetooth(TM) Capabilities to Innovative Mobile Storage

17 April, 2002

New wireless server supports data transfers on digital mobile networks

Tokyo--Toshiba Corporation today unveiled a new concept in data storage with the announcement of a compact, lightweight BluetoothTM-enabled mobile storage device able to hold up to 5GB of data. The BluetoothTM Pocket Server opens the way to wireless data transmission across a wide range of digital products and is expected to promote the development of wireless mobile networks.

BluetoothTM Pocket Server saves data to a 5GB 1.8-inch HDD able to store almost 37 hours of MPEG-4 moving images or 1,000 pieces of music, but it is small enough and light enough to slip into a shirt pocket.

Integration of BluetoothTM is expected to promote wide for the BluetoothTM Pocket Server, as it allows wireless downloads, uploads and transfers among a wide range of BluetoothTM-enabled products, including TVs, cellular phones, PDAs, PCs and digital cameras. The pocket server will allow users to capture and save data as diverse as TV broadcasts, music files or map information and download them to a PC or PDA, allowing anytime access to stored data.

In business, stored presentation data can be transmitted to a BluetoothTM-enabled printer or projector without the need of an intermediary PCs. When large volumes of data do have to be transferred to a PC, an integrated USB port can be used to optimize the speed of the transaction.

Toshiba positions the BluetoothTM Pocket Server as an essential component in multi-product, wireless mobile AV networks and schedules commercialize for the first half of fiscal year 2002.

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