Toshiba introduces World's Highest Capacity 1.8-inch HDDs

16 January, 2002

Tokyo--Toshiba Corporation today announced that it has extended its industry leadership in small-sized hard disk drives (HDD) with the introduction of two 1.8-inch HDDs offering high capacity, fast performance and an extremely small footprint. The MK1003GAL is 5mm high and has a 10GB capacity, while the 8mm high MK2003GAH has a 20GB capacity.

Central to the new drives' advanced performance is an areal density of 35.26 gigabits per square inch. Both models achieve the low power consumption of 1.4W when reading and writing and only 0.4W at low power idling, with low idle noise levels of 22dB for the 10GB drive and 24dB for the 20GB model. Data transfer rates are pushed to 100MB/s and shock resistance achieves the high levels of 1,960m/s2 (200G) in operation and 9,800m/s2 (1,000G) when not in operation. These achievements take HDD performance to a new level and beyond portable personal computers into hand-held mobile terminals, wearable computers and mobile AV devices.

Mass production of the 20GB drive starts in February and of the 10GB model in March.


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