Toshiba uses Bluetooth(TM) to Link PC and Projector

15 March, 2001

Tokyo--Toshiba Corporation continues to lead the way to a future of BluetoothTM connectivity with the launch of the 'BluetoothTM data projector kit', the world's first BluetoothTM-compliant application software. The dedicated kit supports wireless links between a PC and projector and simplifies the set-up and adjustment of equipment for meetings, promotional events and presentations.

The BluetoothTM data projector kit will be launched in the Japanese market on March 28 and then in the US, European market. It is compatible with any Toshiba PC with Windows(R) 98 SE or Windows(R) ME and LCD data projector with a PCMCIA slot. Toshiba already markets two compatible projectors, the "TLP-X20J" and "TLP-X21J." For wireless data transfer start-up is as simple as installing BluetoothTM PC cards into each unit.

Product outline

  1. A BluetoothTM Type II PC card supports wireless data transfers between the PC and the projector.
  2. SPANworks 2000 Special Edition software, Toshiba's original simultaneous data-sharing application, supports wireless data transfer between the PC and the projector--and between PCs.
  3. Direct transmission from PC to projector
  4. Supports future connectivity of projector with BluetoothTM-equipped PDA or mobile phone.

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