Toshiba Introduces Ultra-small Package for Surface Mounted Power Rectifiers

2 July, 1998

TOKYO--Toshiba Corporation today announced that it has developed a highly miniaturized surface mount device package available for general-purpose and shottky-barrier diode applications with power devices. The company's S-Flat Small SMD Package is an ultra-small, surface-mount package with two terminals.

The resin packaging of the S-Flat SMD is 0.98mm high, 2.6mm long and 1.6mm wide and weighs only 0.013 grams. It takes the evolution of power diode packaging to new levels of miniaturization and is 50 percent smaller and 20 percent lighter than Toshiba's I-Flat package, the current state-of-the-art in commercialized SMD packaging.

The electronic device industry's rectifier line-up has lacked a product positioned between the power rectifier and small-signal diode. The S-Flat package fills this gap. Its solder mount structure achieves significant increases in surge resistance and a power dissipation of 0.7W.

The new package supports an extensive range of applications. It addresses key market demands for high performance in a small, slim package that minimizes mounting space, while offering light weight, and high surge resistance. Wide-ranging applications include DC-DC converters and surge protection in the circuitry of portable equipment, and the battery systems of such equipment as notebook PCs and cellular telephones. Applications in motors include flywheel circuits, and the motors of CD-ROMs, hard disk drives and other computer peripherals. There are also many vehicle applications.

Toshiba has already developed three power devices that use the new package, a low-VF shottky-barrier diode (CRS01) and two general-purpose rectifiers (CRG01 and CRG02). Sample shipment of all three devices is scheduled to start in July, at a price of 20 yen for the general-purpose devices and 23 yen for the shottky-barrier diode. Mass production will follow in September, at an initial rate of 5 million units a month, with prospects for monthly production of up to 10 million units. From this beginning, Toshiba will expand the line-up to include power zener diodes and HEDs (high-speed, high-efficiency diodes).

Major Characteristics of New Package Products:

  1. An ultra-small, surface-mount package for power rectifiers, with two terminals. Small dimensions, and ultra-fine thickness of 0.98mm, meets continuing demand for devices supporting miniaturization of equipment.

  2. Despite the ultra-small packaging, power dissipation is 0.7W.

  3. High surge resistance has been achieved by adopting a solder mount structure.

  4. A planar structure contributes to high package reliability.

  5. A flat reverse contributes to product stability and suitability for surface mounting.

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