Toshiba Launches World's Slimmest, Lightest B5-sized Portable PC -- Only 19.8mm high,1.19kg in weight

30 June, 1998

Tokyo--Toshiba Corporation today reinforced its global leadership in portable computing with the launch of a new series of mold-breaking products for the Japanese domestic market, including the world's slimmest, lightest B5-sized subnotebook computers--and the single fastest subnotebook in the market, with a Pentium(R) Processor with MMXTM technology at 266MHz--and the latest and trimmest model in its Libretto series, running the full Windows(R) operating system.

Toshiba has trail-blazed innovation in portable computing since it created the concept with the world's first laptop PC. Building on an unrivaled record of industry firsts that includes pioneering notebook, subnotebook and mininotebook PCs, the company now adds models to its Portégé and Libretto lineups that pass new milestones in portability and performance. The new computers are sure to buttress Toshiba's number one position in the global portable PC market, and its sixth-place ranking for worldwide shipments of PCs by strengthening Toshiba's offerings in the Japanese marketplace.

All the new PCs will be exhibited at Windows(R) World Expo at Makuhari Messe from July 1. Sales and marketing in Japan will start on July 3.

Portégé 3010 and 3000
Toshiba cumulative expertise comes to the fore in the development of the Portégé 3010 and 3000. The world's slimmest, lightest B5-sized subnotebook PCs, they are packed with an unmatched range of features that assure they out-perform all competitors.

The Portégé 3010 incorporates a Pentium(R) processor with MMXTM technology at 266MHz, the fastest processor in any computer in this class, while the Portégé 3000 has a 233MHz processor. Both new PCs bring new brilliance to subnotebooks with 800 X 600 SVGA TFT displays supporting over 16 million colors. The Portégé 3010 offers 4.3 gigabytes of storage on the slimmest 2.5" hard disk drive in the 4GB-plus class, enough for the most demanding applications and multimedia files. The 3000 offers a 2.1GB hard disk.

The no-compromise design of these advanced PCs extends to their keyboard, the essential interface in assuring ease-of-use, hands-on performance and productivity. Even with their super-slim design, both the Portégé 3010 and 3000 squeeze in true keyboards, with an 18mm pitch from key to key.

All this advanced functionality is achieved in a package only 257mm wide, 199mm deep, and a mere 19.8mm high, the slimmest B5 profile in the market. An overall weight of only about 1.19 kilos with battery complements compact size, thanks to a feather-light 0.7mm injection molded magnesium case.

Portégé 6000
While offering state-of-the-art performance in an A4-sized notebook PC, including a 12.1-inch SVGA TFT display, the Portégé 6000 offers 23.5mm to 28.0mm high, and weighs in at only about 1.79 kilos with battery. On the road, it offers the processing power of a Pentium processor with MMXTM technology at 266MHz, a 4.3GB hard disk capacity, two card slots and an integrated 56k modem. Its keyboard is a pleasure to use, with a full 19mm key pitch . In the office, the Portégé 6000's optional expansion dock adds a maximum 24X CD-ROM, floppy disk drive, CRT, serial and parallel interfaces, and full network connectivity

Libretto SS 1000
Though only one-third the size of an A-4 computer, computers in the Libretto series pack in the full capabilities of the Windows operating system, and support the complete range of application software for Windows--not defeatured, 'lite' versions. Toshiba has built on those unmatched strengths by engineering the Libretto SS1000 as the smallest, most portable of the Libretto series to date--even while incorporating such performance enhancements as the world's slimmest 2.5-inch hard disk drive: only 6.35mm high, yet with a capacity of 2.1GB.

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