Toshiba launches world's slimmest and lightest 2.5-inch HDD--Only 6.35mm high, but with 2.1GB data storage capacity

4 June, 1998

Tokyo--Toshiba Corporation today reinforced its position as the leading innovator in 2.5-inch hard disk drive technology with the launch of the world's first 6.35mm and 8.45mm HDD. The MK2109MAF, the world's slimmest, lightest 2.5" HDD, stands only 6.35mm high and weighs at a mere 89g, has a capacity of 2.1gigabytes. The MK4309MAT offers a 4.3GB capacity in an HDD only 8.45 mm high and weighing 95g. Both drives will be available from the middle of this month.

These new drives offer a data density of 2.1GB per single 2.5" disk, allowing impressive gains in capacity while reducing size. Performance is also enhanced by Ultra DMA Mode-2 data transfer, which supports high speed data transfers at up to 33.3MBps.

With the new additions to its 2.5" line-up, Toshiba now offers the industry's extensive range of high-capacity drives optimized for incorporation in notebook computers, and is firmly positioned for leadership in the fact-growing 2.5" drive sector. Toshiba's advances in storage technology can be seen in the MK2109MAF: the slimmest 2.5" drive yet developed, it has a capacity exceeding that of even the largest capacity HDD of only a few years ago.

Key Features

1. MK2109MAF: 6.35mm; the world's slimmest drive with 2.1GB capacity.
MK4309MAT: 8.45 mm high with 4.3GB capacity, the slimmest drive in 2.5" drive of 4.3GB.
2. Weight: 89g (the world's lightest) for MK2109MAF with 6.35mm height
95g for MK4309MAT with 8.45mm height
3. The world's largest density: 2.1GB per 2.5" disk
4. Ultra DMA Mode-2: high speed data transfers at up to 33.3MBps.
5. 512kB buffer memory: high performance data processing

Product Outline

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