Toshiba releases new generation of DVD-ROM and DVD-RAM drives Continues to lead industry and innovation in DVD technology

28 May, 1998

Tokyo--Toshiba Corporation today reinforced its position as the leading innovator in DVD technology and products with the release of three high-speed, high-performance DVD drives for incorporation in computers. The new drives are introduced in the market with an expectation of its growth by the release of Windows(R)98, which is expected to fuel demand for DVD drives in desktop and portable personal computers.

The line-up announced today comprises two new high-performance DVD-ROM drives and a rewritable DVD-RAM drive. At only 12.7 millimeters high the super-slim SD-C2102 DVD-ROM drive is ideal for incorporation in slim notebook computers, and offers 2.4x speed playback of DVD. The SD-M1202 DVD-ROM is optimized for desktop PCs and supports maximum 4.8x speed playback of DVD discs and 32x speed playback of CD-ROM discs. The rewritable SD-W1101 DVD-RAM supports data storage of 2.6GB on a single-sided rewritable disc, and of a breathtaking 5.2GB on a double-sided disc. It offers 2x speed playback of DVD-ROM, 16x speed playback of CD-ROM, and support for both CD-R and CD-RW (playback only).

All three drives have pick-up heads with two laser diodes (650 nanometer and 780nm) The drives offer full playback compatibility with DVD-ROM, DVD-R and DVD-Video, CD-Audio, CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW.

Mass production of the two ROM drives is scheduled to start at the beginning of June, with production of the SD-W1101 scheduled to begin at the end of the month.

SD-C2102: super-slim superiority
The needs of size and weight-conscious portable PC users are more than met by the SD-C2102. Incorporation of Toshiba's slim pick-up head and miniaturized disc motor combine with the latest high-density mounting technology to achieve the first DVD-ROM matching the dimensions of the super-slim CD-ROM drive found in portable PCs: 12.7mm (height) by 128mm (width) by 129mm (depth). The drive's slim lines are matched by a weight of only 265 grams.

Performance matches size by achieving the world's fastest data transfer rates of any super-slim DVD-ROM drive. Toshiba's new LSI pushes data transfer to 2.4x speed (3,268KB/s) for DVD-ROM discs and a full 20x speed (3,000KB/s) for CD-ROM discs. Random access times of 160ms for DVD and 110ms for CD assure smooth operation, whether with game software or large databases.

Portable use demands close attention to power consumption. Adoption of a motor driven by pulse-width modulation (PWM) both supports high rotation speeds and cuts average power consumption to 3.0W, the world's lowest for a DVD-ROM drive.

SD-M1202: state-of-the-art for the desktop
The technological firsts of the half-height SD-M1202 include a newly-developed LSI for high-speed digital transactions and an optical pick-up optimized for high-speed playback. Together they offer desktop users 4.8x speed playback for DVD-ROM (6,535 KiloBytes/s), and a full 32x speed maximum playback for CD-ROM (4,800KB/s).

Users can rely on the read stability offered by constant angular velocity (CAV) rotation. This allows a constant disc rotation speed by adjusting the rate of data read, increasing it at the outer edge of the disc. CAV cuts average random seek times to 85% that of earlier models: 135 milliseconds during playback of DVD and 95ms for CD.

SD-W1101: raising performance levels in DVD-RAM
Designed and developed in full conformity with DVD-RAM standard v1.0, the half-height SD-W1101 offers unmatched capacity and the fastest data transfer rates available.

Adoption of wobbled-land-groove recording and the phase change recording method supports high-density recording in a DVD-RAM disc: 2.6GB on a single-sided disc, and 5.2GB on a double-sided disc.

A new high performance LSI helps push data transfer rates to 2,700KB/s for DVD media and 2,400KB/s (16x speed) for CD-ROM.

Size and performance are enhanced by a low power consumption that averages only 6.7W, thanks to adoption of a 5V single power source. This low level of dissipation supports use in ambient temperatures ranging from 5B to 50Ž, and allows a dust-free structure with no need of fans or other cooling mechanisms.

Powerful drives for all applications
Toshiba has led the industry in developing innovative solutions that deliver the full potential of DVD to computer users. The company's latest drives build on this tradition with significant improvements in performance. The company continues to devote its resources to innovation in all aspects of DVD technology.


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