Toshiba Reinforces Worldwide PC Business With New Portable and Desktop Lineup

3 June, 1997

TOKYO -- Toshiba Corporation announced its reinforcement of worldwide PC business and launched eight new portable PCs on the world market. Worldwide marketing will start today.

The company also starts today worldwide marketing of its highly popular mini-notebook PC Libretto50CT, the world's smallest, lightest computer with full Windows(R)95 capabilities (sold only in Japan until now), and also enters the European corporate desktop PC market by introducing its Equium series in the U.K., Germany and France.

Further, an upgraded multimedia desktop PC, the Infinia7230J1 will be marketed from June 10th in the Japanese market.

Toshiba, the world leader in portable PCs and known for its wide lineup of go-anywhere computers, is now also channeling its capabilities in computer design and development into super-compact PCs and innovative desktop models. Commenting on today's announcement, Mr. Atsutoshi Nishida, General Manager of the Personal Computer Division said, "Since Toshiba introduced the world's first portable PC in the 1985, our strategy has focused on creating new markets with innovative new products and concepts. As a global PC supplier, we want to be able to respond to all possible demands and requirements from our customers. The products announced today help us to do just that."

New Notebook and Sub-Notebook PCs for the Worldwide Market
Compact Power - The Libretto Mini-Notebook PC
A Global PC Supplier
New Notebook PCs
New Desktop PC for Japanese Market

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