Toshiba Introduces Home PC Vision Connect For Easy Connection To a TV

12 May, 1997

Compact And Equipped With DVD-ROM Drive

Tokyo -- Toshiba Corporation today introduced a new concept in home computing by announcing Vision Connect, a very compact multimedia home PC. Vision Connect, easily connectable to a TV, other audiovisual (AV) equipment, or PC monitor, achieves the true convergence of computing and home entertainment. It can be carried and flexibly installed anywhere in a room, and allows users to enjoy DVD movie titles, a wide range of PC software, surfing the Internet, etc. It will be introduced in the Japanese market from June 10.

Vision Connect offers superior expandability and performance in a compact body. Compared to standard desktop computers, its volume is only around a quarter (262mm (W) X 269 (D) X 88 (H)), and its weight about one third at around 3.9kg, making it one of the world's smallest, lightest home personal computer. It is equipped with 133 MHz Pentium(R) processor, 32 MB main memory, 1.4 GB large-capacity hard disk drive, and high-performance 3D graphics accelerator ATI Rage LT. Also, it has a PC card slot and USB connectors.

Vision Connect comes with a wireless keyboard and remote controller with a pointing device which allow users to remotely access the computer from anywhere in the room. It utilizes S-Video signal output terminal and composite video output terminal for easy connection to TVs and AV amplifiers, and also has an RGB output terminal for connection to a personal computer display. Its compact and light weight design achieves superior portability. Users can install Vision Connect wherever they please in their home, for example, integrating it with an AV system such as a home theater system. The external finish is a stylish bluish silver.

Vision Connect incorporates a DVD-ROM drive, and is ideal for people who desire the excellent visual and audio performance of DVD software. Because it doubles as an 8-times rotational speed CD-ROM drive, users can also enjoy a rich variety of CD-ROM software and music CDs. With Vision Connect, users can access the Internet easily and fast thanks to the high-speed voice fax modem (33.6 kbps), and remote controller with one touch button for Internet access.

Vision Connect is designed to be a home computer in the fullest sense, addressing the widest possible range of needs. This is reflected in the array of pre-installed software and packaged software bundled with the computer. Microsoft(R) Windows(R)95 is pre-installed, and bundled packaged software comprises Microsoft(R) Works95; "Scorcher", a 3D racing game; and for DVD software, "DVD from Toshiba" and ""Final Fantasy VII Original DVD" Original DVD-High Quality CG Collection", etc.

Introducing Vision Connect
Major features of Vision Connect

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