Sun And Toshiba Corporation To Jointly Define And Develop Low-Power Sun Java Chip Aimed At Enabling Wide Range Of Power-Sensitive Applications

2 April, 1997

SAN FRANCISCO -- Sun Microsystems, Inc., and Toshiba Corporation today announced at the JavaOne conference that they have entered into a letter of intent under which the companies propose to work on the joint definition and development of a low-power version of Sun's JavaChip(TM) processor that will enable a wide range of exciting new power-sensitive applications.

Under the planned agreement, Sun would be the exclusive merchant supplier of this chip and plans to target the device at low-power applications including advanced hand-held devices, laptops and other mobile applications. Toshiba will provide its expertise and know-how regarding low-power chip design in order to adapt the Java(TM) processor technology to portable network computer devices.

"We are especially pleased with this partnership because Toshiba brings world class expertise in the development of low-power technologies," stated Raj Parekh, vice president and general manager of the Volume Products Group at Sun Microelectronics. "We believe that a Java processor, combined with Toshiba's contribution, will achieve a new level of performance, cost and power consumption for a vast array of mobile applications. " Mr. Parekh expects the first devices using the low-power Sun Java processor technology to be available in the first half of 1998.

"Sun's Java processor technology has a clear fit with the requirements for next generation mobile Java(TM) devices," stated Kazuyuki Okuyama, general manager of Toshiba's Network Computing Planning Office. "Sun's Java processor technology is emerging as the preferred choice for the execution of Java applications in a wide variety of network-centric applications. We are very excited about joining them at the forefront of the development of Java processor technology for our market."

Sun JavaChip family consists of the picoJava(TM) core and the microJava(TM) and ultraJava(TM) microprocessor families, currently under development. Unlike traditional CISC and RISC processors which are general purpose in nature, the JavaChip family of processors are optimized to directly execute Java applications at higher performance, lower cost and highest security.

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