Toshiba Introduces New Mini-Notebook PC With Pentium Processor

7 January, 1997

TOKYO -- Toshiba Corporation today announced the latest addition to its Libretto series of mini-notebook PCs, which bring advanced computing capabilities and the Microsoft(R) Windows(R)95 operating system to a PC format unrivaled for its combination of power, performance, size and weight. The new Libretto 50 is the first mini-notebook computer to incorporate Intel Corporation's Pentium processor, and also offers 16MB of EDO main memory and an 810MB hard disk drive. Shipments start today, in the Japanese market only.

At only 210mm x 115mm x 34mm and weighing in at only 850 grams, the Libretto 50 defines new standards for mini-notebook computers. Within these dimensions, the PC is a study in no-compromises computing power. At the heart of its operation is an Intel Pentium processor running at 75MHz; a 6.1- inch TFT LCD displays up to 16.77 million colors and is supported by a high- performance graphic chip, CT65550; the computer has 16MB of high-speed EDO memory and an 810MB super-slim hard disk drive. Sound is supported by a SoundBlaster Pro compatible sound chip and an integrated speaker.

The new Libretto 50 is also tough. While the 0.7mm super-thin magnesium injection-molded plates used in its top and bottom panels are one-third thinner than the plastic panels used in its predecessor, they are stronger, allowing performance even in rugged conditions.

Libretto 50 is available with Windows 95 and a range of useful applications pre-installed, including Microsoft(R)Word for Windows(R)95, Microsoft(R)Excel for Windows(R)95, Lotus Organizer 97, Microsoft(R)Internet Explorer V3.0, dictionaries and traffic maps.

Toshiba introduced Libretto 20, the world's first mini-notebook PC running Windows 95, last April. It met a positive response for its size and weight and its full compatibility with computers running Microsoft operating systems, the OS most widely used in business. The new Libretto 50 builds on this achievement as the first mini-notebook PC to incorporate a Pentium PC and to run Windows 95.

Introducing Libretto 50

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