Toshiba's Joint Venture Plants in Indonesia for Color Picture Tubes and TV Sets Celebrates Start of Commercial Production

5 November, 1996

TOKYO--P.T. Tosummit Electronic Devices Indonesia (TEDI), a manufacturer of color picture tubes (CPTs), P.T. Toshiba Consumer Products Indonesia (TJP), a manufacturer of color television sets, and P.T. Toshiba Metal Parts Indonesia (TMPI), a manufacturer of metal parts for CPTs, today celebrate the official opening of their new plants in East Jakarta Industrial Park. The joint ceremony will be held in the presence of the Minister of Industry and Trade, Mr. Tunky Ariwibowo; Haji Muchamad Djamhari, Regent of Bekasi; Ambassador Taizo Watanabe of Japan; and other officials and dignitaries.

The total investment for the three plants will reach approximately 147 million US dollars and will create more than 2,500 jobs by 1998.

TEDI, a joint venture of TGI, a group of Indonesian TV makers, Toshiba Corporation, Sumitomo Corporation, and Orion Electric of South Korea, produces 14- and 20-inch CPTs, and is slated to become one of Indonesia's largest production bases for CPTs. Its products will be supplied to Toshiba's new TV factory in Indonesia, marketed locally and exported worldwide. Since most CPTs in Indonesian TVs are imported, TEDI is expected to promote development of CPT manufacturing capacity and to contribute to Indonesia's international trade balance.

TJP, subscribed by Toshiba Singapore and Toshiba Corporation, plans to build up its capacity to 1 million units a year by 1997. Its output will be widely exported to North and South America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and other Asian countries, and also marketed locally .

TMPI, owned by Toshiba Metal Parts Corporation, an affiliate of Toshiba Corp., and Sumitomo Corporation, was established in December 1995, to assist enhancement of local procurement of CPT components. It produces metal frames, inner-shields and holders.

Worldwide demand for color TVs is expected to enjoy steady growth, with strong demand in Asian countries. The Indonesian market is forecast to see particularly strong annual growth of over 10 percent in coming years, to reach 2.5 million units in 1998.

Toshiba selected Indonesia as the home for the new TV production facilities because of its importance as a fast growing market, the ready availability of a qualified work-force, and the high production efficiency that can be achieved by sourcing color picture tubes from TEDI. Toshiba's partner, Sumitomo Corporation, will bring its years of know-how to bear on logistics in Indonesia.

Norikatsu Otaki, president of TJP said, "I want to thank the authorities, industry and community for offering us all the support that helped us achieve this successful start-up. Now that all three manufacturing plants have begun commercial production, we will enhance our manufacturing operations in order to meet growing demand from the Indonesian and global TV market."

Hirofumi Kakiuchi, president of TEDI remarks, " We will make TEDI a leading Indonesian-based manufacturer of CPT and want to make a major contribution to meeting local demand. On top of this, when we reach full capacity in 1998, our manufacturing activities will reduce imports to Indonesia by as much as 100 million US dollars a year. We aim to support Indonesia's economic growth."


P.T. Tosummit Electronic Devices Indonesia (TEDI)

Established December 1995
Capital US$40 million
P.T. Tabung Gambar Indonesia (TGI*) 35% ,
Toshiba Co. 28%, Sumitomo Co. 22%,
Orion Electric Co. 15%
Total investment US$100 million
President Hirofumi Kakiuchi
Employees Approximately 1,100 (October 1996)
Location East Jakarta Industrial Park, Plot 3G, Lemahabang,
Bekasi 17550, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Site area 11.3 hectares
Floor area 31,000 square meters
Products 14- and 20-inch CPTs for TVs
Production Start June 1996 (pilot production)
August 1996 (commercial production)
Production Plan 800 thousand units (June 1996 - March 1997)
2.3 million units in 1998 and after
Market TJP, and other local and overseas TV set makers
    * TGI is a joint venture of three of Indonesia's leading TV manufacturers: P.T. Hartono Istana Electronics, P.T. Panggung Electronics Corporation and P.T. Topjaya.

P.T. Toshiba Consumer Products Indonesia (TJP)
Established February 1996
Capital US$15.6 million
Toshiba Singapore Pte., Ltd. 2/3 Toshiba Corp. 1/3
Total Investment US$42 million
President Norikatsu Otaki
Employees Approximately 450 (October 1996)
(Approximately 1,000 in 1998)
Location East Jakarta Industrial Park, Plot 5G, Lemahabang,
Bekasi 17550, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Site area 124,000 square meters
Floor area 25,400 square meters
Product 14- and 20-inch color TVs
Production Start June 1996
Production Plan 400 thousand units ( June 1996 through March 1997)
Annual 1million units in 1998
Market Local and other Asian countries, North and South
America, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa

P.T. TMP Indonesia (TMPI)

Established November 1995
Capital US$2 million
Toshiba Metal Parts Corporation 81%
Sumitomo Corporation 19%
Total Investment US$4.89 million
President Tsutomu Onimoto
Employees Approximately 110 (October 1996)
Location East Jakarta Industrial Park, Plot 5G, Lemahabang,
Bekasi 17550, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Site area 3,000 square meters
Floor area 2,800 square meters
Product Metal parts for color picture tubes
(flame, inner-shield, holder)
Production Start August 1996
Market TEDI

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