Toshiba Supplies High-Speed Cable Data System To Time Warner Cable Operation in Portland, Maine

9 October, 1996

TOKYO -- Toshiba Corporation today announced that the company will serve as system integrator and key equipment supplier for the high-speed on-line broadband cable service Time Warner (TW) is installing in its Portland, Maine operation.

As both the key equipment supplier and system integrator, Toshiba is supplying a complete on-line cable data system to TW, consisting of a head-end (which includes the switch and the client server computer at the cable station), as well as distribution hubs and cable modems at subscriber's homes. With the system in place, Portland subscribers will be able to access TW's Road Runner on-line service, which offers local content, existing on-line services such as Timer Warner's Pathfinder, the entire World Wide Web, e-mail, the Internet and other commercial services.

The Portland system is the second collaboration between Toshiba and TW under an agreement for cable systems signed last December. Toshiba also served as system integrator and key equipment supplier in technical trials for a similar cable data system installed in TW's San Diego operation. Toshiba is now working on the commercialization of the San Diego system.

In comparison to conventional telephone-based network connections, which typically operate at speeds of 28.8kbps or slower in the U.S., the wide bandwidth of a hybrid cable fiber/coaxial network enables ultra-high data transmission speeds of 8Mbps. A graphics-intensive page on the World Wide Web that would take several minutes to access using a dial-up telephone service is received virtually instantaneously via the TW network.

"Toshiba's involvement with Time Warner demonstrates how the strategic partnership between our companies encourages development of innovative products and systems," said Takeshi Okatomi, Chairman and CEO of Toshiba America, Inc. "These projects enable Toshiba to utilize its wide- ranging technological capabilities to enhance cable television systems and services. Through the combined strengths and talents of the two companies, we hope to further contribute to the improvement of cable television technology in the United States."

Toshiba aims to be a major player in the cable data service area, and is positioning itself as both an equipment supplier and system integrator. In doing so, Toshiba draws on its integrated capabilities and world-class expertise in such key areas as computers, semiconductors, telecommunications and consumer products. The company is also planning to extend this technology to countries outside the U.S.

The Toshiba cable data system being used in TW's Portland operation comprises all hardware and software necessary to operate the system, from the head-end and distributor hubs to a new generation of high-speed cable data modems developed by Toshiba and installed at the user's premises. Toshiba is also using advanced products from some of the U.S.'s leading Internet-related companies and has integrated them into a total system.

"We are delighted to be working with Toshiba both as a key equipment supplier and as a system integrator," said Tim Evard, President of Timer Warner's Excalibur Group, which developed Road Runner. "We believe that the combined assets of high-speed transmission made possible by companies like Toshiba and the extraordinarily rich content resources provided by Timer Warner make our service one that customers will find practical, valuable and easy to use."

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