Toshiba Introduces its First DVD-Video Player in Japan

26 September, 1996

TOKYO -- Toshiba Corporation today announced its first DVD-Video player, the SD-3000. The company expects the player to promote development of a broadly- based consumer market for DVD, the next-generation high-density optical disc. Sales of the new player start on November 1 in Japan, at a price of ¥77,000.

The new player draws on Toshiba's state-of-the-art expertise in DVD-related technologies, including advanced LSIs, optical disc technology, MPEG2 video decoding and other digital information processing technology. The SD-3000 fully complies with the unified DVD standard, which Toshiba took the lead in setting.

On top of superior image and sound output, the digital technologies at the heart of the SD-3000 allow it to offer a wide range of advanced features, including mulitlingual capabilities and multi-aspect function. The SD-3000's highly-reliable dual lens pick-up also allows it to playback music CDs.

Background to commercialization
Main features of the new product
Main functions of DVD-Video standard

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