Toshiba Starts Marketing Desktop PC in the U.S. Market

11 September, 1996

Tokyo--Toshiba Corporation, the world leader in portable computers, today moved into U.S. desktop computer market with Infinia, a stylish series of innovative PCs. Drawing on the same creativity that allowed Toshiba to originate the portable PC, Infinia unites advanced computer and consumer electronics technologies with an intuitive control interface to blaze a new trail in personal computing.

Launched today in the U.S. market, Infinia is a new approach to home computing that makes it truly personal, and which can change the way people work, communicate, learn and entertain. Designed as a sleek midnight gray mini-tower with silver accents, Infinia will add style to any room, while integrating one-touch access to a state-of-the-art computer, TV, CD player, FM radio and the telephone. The design philosophy reflects Toshiba's recognition that the computer has evolved from business productivity and specialist tool to become a personal productivity appliance, a source for home entertainment, education and business; a resource for every member of the family. With the Infinia, this potential is both extended and brought closer to users by the intuitive InTouch Module.

InTouch provides access to and control of Infinia via an interactive LED or LCD display, depending on the model chosen. With InTouch, users can easily and quickly answer the phone, check for messages, control the TV, CD and radio, and access the PC. The complementary InTouch remote control even allows all this to be done from across the room, and also functions as a wireless mouse.

As a computer, Infinia offers a series of guaranteed winners. The three-model line-up presents a choice of powerful processors -- Pentium 133MHz (Infinia 7130), 166MHz (Infinia 7160) or 200Mhz (Infinia 7200) -- backed up by a minimum of 16MB of memory -- 32MB in the 7200 -- expandable to 128MB. Hard drive capacities range from 1.5GB to 3GB. A built-in TV/FM Radio and Video Capture card is standard in the Infinia 7200, (optional in the other models), allowing users to watch TV or listen to music in full stereo. The card also supports play-back of full motion video or movies, and capture of moving images to create video albums. A high-performance 8X CD-ROM drive and S3 Inc's ViRGE(TM)3D video and graphics accelerator combine to deliver realistic 3D graphics and smooth full motion playback of MPEG, REALmagic and Windows(R)-based video.

Infinia's multimedia capabilities are further enhanced by the high-quality stereo speakers built into its optional 15-inch and 17-inch monitors. An integrated sub- woofer in the 17-inch monitor, SRS 3D stereo sound and hardware wavetable in the Infinia 7200 bring true stereo sound to full life.

At a time when interest in the Internet and networking is at an all-time high, Infinia provide an ideal gateway to communications. At a touch of InTouch, Infinia doubles as a telephone or answering machine, while a 28.8kbps modem (software upgradeable to 33.6kbps) provides access to the world of on-line services. Optional software and a video camera also allow Infinia to double as a video-conferencing unit.

Today's Infinia also look to tomorrow's developments. All three models are DVD-ready, allowing customers to add DVD-ROM drives to their systems. Toshiba's DVD upgrade kit for Infinia is expected to become available late 1996 or early 1997.

With Infinia, Toshiba announces itself as a strong and innovative presence in the desktop market and positions itself to offer a comprehensive range of personal computers for the home and the office.

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