Features of SSFDC

  1. Simple structure, low cost

    A very simple structure embeds a NAND flash memory on a small, thin plastic base to realize a lower cost than any other memory cards. This makes SSFDC suitable for use in private digital data libraries storing image, audio and data recorded on digital equipment, including digital still cameras, voice recorders and PDA.

  2. High speed data erase/write

    Use of NAND-type flash memory allows individual sectors of the chip to be rewritten at high speed, allowing data or programs to be amended without having to entirely rewrite the whole memory.

  3. Very thin card

    The card is 0.76mm thick, much thinner than that of any other mini memory cards, assuring high suitability for application in portable equipment, and allowing it to be slipped into a wallet, pocket or bag.

  4. Pin-compatible capacity expansion

    2-megabyte SSFDC are ready for mass-production. As larger capacity memory chips become available, the capacity of SSFDC will be expanded to 4 and then 8 megabytes, while retaining the same pin count.

  5. Compatibility with PC card

    Used with an ATA PC card adapter, SSFDC can be used as a standard PC card.

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