Toshiba Unveils Mini-Notebook PC

17 April, 1996

World's Smallest and Lightest PC with Windows 95 Launched in Japan

TOKYO -- Toshiba Corporation today announced the introduction of the world's first mini-notebook personal computer to combine super-small dimensions and light weight with the power and capabilities of a fully-featured design running Windows 95 and its application software. The new notebook PC, Libretto 20, is available from today, in the Japanese market only.

Libretto 20, is only 210mm x 115mm x 34mm and weighs in as a super- featherweight at approximately 840g, yet it incorporates a 65,536 color 6.1-inch TFT color LCD, an 88-key keyboard, a newly designed pointing device, a high-capacity lithium-ion secondary battery and super-thin hard disk drive. Microsoft Windows 95 is pre-installed, giving users access to the vast MS-DOS and Windows libraries of application software. Key business application software, including Microsoft Works for Windows 95 and Lotus Organizer R2.1J, is also pre-installed.

Libretto 20's size is not at the expense of functionality. The mini-notebook incorporates a high-performance CPU, equivalent to DX4 with a clock speed of 75MHz, and 8 megabytes (MB) of main memory, expandable all the way to 20MB. System expandability is provided by a single Type II PCMCIA card slot, allowing Libretto 20 to use card modems, CD-ROM drives and other add-on devices developed for notebook computers.

Toshiba expects Libretto 20 to meet demand for a wallet-sized PC weighing less than one kilogram that maintains full compatibility with the subnotebook, notebook and desktop PCs used in business. Libretto 20 is the first mini-size notebook PC to incorporate Windows 95 and to bring its ease-of-use to this segment of the PC market.

Introducing Libretto 20

Main features of the Libretto 20 Mini-Notebook PC

  1. The world's smallest and lightest computer capable of running Windows 95 results from Toshiba's development of a new high-performance LSI integrating the main chip sets, and a new 8.45mm super-slim 2.5-inch HDD with a 270MB capacity. Compactness does not sacrifice ease-of-use: Libretto 20's 88-key keyboard is compatible with the 106-key OADG DOS/V keyboard that is standard for DOS/V personal computers in Japan. A newly developed pointing device allows one-handed operation.

  2. High-speed graphic accelerator, CL-GD7548, allows simultaneous display of 65,536 colors on a 6.1-inch TFT color LCD.

  3. Small AC adapter (100 x 50 x 25mm) and lithium ion battery, the latter good for 2-3 hours of operation from a single charge. An optional large-volume battery pack allows up to 6 hours of operation.

  4. High-speed CPU, equivalent to DX4 (75MHz). Main memory is 8MB, expandable up to 20MB.

  5. One PCMCIA slot (Type II) offers expandability and supports a wide range of PC cards, including a SCSI card facilitating connection to a CD-ROM drive and an asynchronous modem card for PC communications. Further expansion is provided by an optional floppy disk drive and an adapter for a Type III PC card.

  6. A wide range of pre-installed software: Windows 95, plus a wide range of useful business applications, including Microsoft Works integrated application software, Lotus Organizer R2.1J personal information manager software, a software guide to Japanese rail routes, timetables and fares, and a Japanese-English dictionary. The software is compressed for installation in the 270MB 2.5-inch HDD, reserving approximately 120MB capacity for users' other software and documents. (CTA model).

  7. Libretto 20 supports PC to PC and peripheral communication via an infrared communication interface that meets both the IrDA and ASK standards.

  8. Resume, which holds the contents of the memory when the computer is switched off, is enhanced by a hibernation function that stores the contents of memory in the hard disk drive as a precaution against sudden loss of battery power.

  9. In addition to the incorporated I/O adapter for serial and printer ports, an optional floppy disk drive (via PC card) and an optional PC card adapter for a Type III PC card are also available.

  10. Microsoft Internet Explorer is also pre-installed. Users with an optional modem card who subscribe to an on-line service can use it to surf the Internet.

  1. Libretto: From the Italian, 'small book.'
  2. IrDA: is the Infrared Data Association. A standard protocol for infrared data transmission now supported by more than 80 companies, including HP, DEC and IBM.
  3. ASK: a method for infrared data transmission developed by Sharp and used in its Zaurus electronic organizer.

Main specifications of Liberetto 20

  1. MS-DOS, Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
  2. The official name of Windows is the Microsoft Windows Operating System.

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