Toshiba Introduces Industry's Slimmest 2.5-inch Hard Disk Drive Designed for Incorporation in Portable Information Equipment

9 April, 1996

TOKYO -- Toshiba Corporation today announced the information equipment industry's slimmest 2.5-inch hard disk drive (HDD). At only 8.45 mm (1/3 inch) high, the new drive is ideal for incorporation in portable information equipment, including a new generation of advanced personal assistants and ultra-small personal computers. Worldwide shipment of samples of the drive starts today.

Outline of the New Product

Demand is growing for portable information equipment and notebook PCs supporting comprehensive on-line communications and connectivity with the Internet, allowing users to exchange e-mail and to download and store Internet files. This type of portable equipment requires smaller, thinner, lighter storage devices - needs completely filled by the new HDD, MK0200MAT.

Main Features of MK0200MAT

  1. A height of 8.45mm -- approximately 33% thinner than Toshiba's current 12.7mm slim-type HDD -- and a weight of only 110 grams, make MK0200MAT ideal for portable information terminals.

  2. High-speed data transfer: with a 13-millisecond average seek time, a rotational speed of 4,200 rpm and a 128KB buffer memory, MK0200MAT achieves the performance levels of thicker HDDs, but in a much slimmer package.

  3. ATA-2 interface is available. It supports PIO mode 4 and DMA mode 2, enabling high speed data transmission.

  4. Low power consumption of 2.3W during read/write and 0.7W while idling makes the new drive suitable for use in battery-driven portable equipment.


Model No. MK0200MAT
Formatted capacity: 271MB
Average seek time 13 milliseconds
Data transfer speed: ATA-2: 16.6 megabyte/second for both
(buffer - host) PIO mode 4 and DMA mode 2
Buffer memory 128 KB
Dimensions 8.45(H) x 70(W) x 100(D) mm
Weight 110 g
Power consumption: 2.3W (Read/Write)
0.7W (Idling)
0.15W (Sleep)
Energy efficiency 0.0026 watts/megabyte

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