Toshiba Introduces Highly Affordable Pentium(TM) Processor-based Notebook PCs

1 February, 1996

TOKYO -- Toshiba Corporation today announced the latest introduction to its Satellite line of high value notebook computers, the Satellite 100CS. The new PC is ideal for users requiring a low-cost Pentium(TM) processor-based notebook PC for both portable and desktop replacement applications. Marketing of the new PCs starts today in the U.S., European and Asian markets, including the Japanese market.

The new notebook brings a wide range of advanced features to value segment. Among them are a fast 75MHz Pentium processor, 8MB of EDO memory (expandable to 40MB), a built-in AC adapter, stacked PC Card slots, and an optional enhanced port replicator with two additional TypeIII PC Card slots. Other key features include a brilliant 10.4" Dynamic-STN dual-scan color display, a fast video subsystem supporting 256 colors at 1024 x 768 resolution on an external monitor (640 x 480 on the internal LCD), an advanced nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery providing 2.5-5 hours of use per charge, and a large 528 million byte (504MB) hard disk drive.

"The Satellite 100CS was developed by Toshiba to meet our customers' need for a high performance Pentium processor-based notebook with desktop replacement capability at an affordable price", commented Atsutoshi Nishida, general manager of Toshiba Corporations Personal Computer Division. "Toshiba has established a strong leadership in the notebook market by offering users high quality, value-priced notebook PCs with the Satellite product line. The advanced feature set and competitive pricing of the Satellite 100CS will strengthen Toshiba's leadership in this market segment, and bring the powers of Pentium processing to a wider number of users."

"Intel has enjoyed a long strategic relationship with Toshiba and shares their commitment to provide the most advanced technology for the portable computer market at affordable prices," said Steve Nachtsheim, vice president of Intel's Mobile and Handheld Products Group. "The introduction of the $1,999.00 Satellite l00CS expands mobile Pentium processor computing beyond the corporate market and into the small office/home office segment. These users can now afford to utilize the power of the Pentium processor and experience the quality of Toshiba's mobile notebook solutions. "

The Perfect Notebook for Travel, Office and Home Use

    Many remarkable features are included on the Satellite 100CS to enhance portability and expandability on the road and in the office. The system's integrated AC adapter reduces bulkiness and total travel weight making the Satellite 100CS easy to carry. The Satellite l00CS weighs only 3.2 kilograms including the internal AC adapter and battery pack, and measures 299mm (W) by 230mm (D) by 55mm (H). In addition, users will find the integrated AccuPointTM pointing device convenient and effective to use with any application.

    For easy connection to peripherals, including network cards, modems, removable hard disk drives and many other devices, the stacked PC Card slots on the main system support two Type I-II Cards or one TypeIII PC Card. For maximum system expandability, the Satellite l00CS utilizes an optional enhanced port replicator offering users a low-cost desktop replacement solution. The port replicator provides "one-touch" docking to office peripherals as well as two additional TypeIII PC Card slots.

Windows(R) 95 Ready

    The Satellite 100CS comes pre-installed with user-selectable Windows (R) 95 or Windows 3.1. The system also provides Plug and Play support for easy configuration and use of peripherals, as well as warm docking for the optional enhanced port replicator under Windows 95.

    "We're delighted to be working with the leader in portable computing to bring Windows 95 beyond the desktop, offering exceptional performance, ease-of-use, and compatibility," said Steve Ballmer, executive vice-president sales and support, of Microsoft Corp. Toshiba is clearly a technology leader, and they have been a major contributor to the advances in mobile computing and technological innovation. The Toshiba Product lines demonstrates comprehensive mobile computer solutions taking full advantage of the technology and ease-of-use of Windows."

Applications and Target Markets

    The Satellite 100CS is ideal for users requiring a low-cost Pentium processor-based notebook PC for both portable and desktop replacement applications. Small to medium business users -- as well as cost conscious corporate professionals -- whose applications include sales force automation, training, communications, and personal productivity will value the Satellite 100CS' high performance, vast expandability, and portability.

Pricing and Availability

    In the U.S., the Satellite 100CS will be available in February through traditional distribution channels including VARs, distributors, dealers, and select retail outlets. Through selected retail channels, the product will be sold as the Satellite 105CS with Windows 95, Microsoft (R) Works version 4.0 for Windows 95, Microsoft Money version 4.0 for Windows 95, Microsoft Schedule+ version 7.0 for Windows 95, and Microsoft Golf version 2.0. Currently shipping, the estimated street price for the Satellite 100CS is $ l,999.00.

    In the Japanese market, the new PC will be launched as the Dynabook GT-S575 series, offering a choice of two 10.4" Dynamic-STN LCD models and one 10.4" TFT-LCD model. All three models are pre-installed with Microsoft Windows 95, and one D-STN model also offers Microsoft Works for Windows 95.

Specifications of Satellite 100CS(USA model)

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