Toshiba's New Digital Still Camera Is World's First with Modem. A Practical Solution for Immediate Image Transmission.

7 August, 1995

TOKYO -- Toshiba Corporation today announced the world's first compact digital still camera equipped with a modem and communications software, allowing users to transmit recorded digital images via standard telephone lines, without any additional external equipment. The new camera is expected to find application in various areas where rapid provision of visual images is at a premium.

The new camera, PROSHOT (PDR-100), embodies the concept of a 'digital communication camera' that can easily record and quickly transmit images from remote locations. The camera incorporates a 1/3-inch 410,000-pixel charge-coupled device (CCD) and offers fully automated focusing. An integrated, automatic flash adds to simplicity of operation, allowing users to record digital images in all light conditions.

PROSHOT incorporates a 16-megabit NAND flash memory and offers two megabytes of data storage, which can store up to 40 digital images. A built-in microphone also allows it to record audio signals. Memory capacity for both images and audio sources can be greatly expanded by use of the camera's built-in PCMCIA slot and PC memory cards. These also allow images taken with the camera to be transferred directly to a PC with a similar slot.

Images taken with the camera can be fed directly to a television as a video source. An optional dedicated LCD can be used also, allowing instant monitoring of images.

PROSHOT will be introduced into the Japanese market on September 1, at a price of 260,000 yen. Annual sales of 12,000 units a year are anticipated.

Specifications of PDR-100:

Optical system:
     CCD:                1/3 410,000 pixel CCD image sensor
     Lens:               F5.6
     Flash:              Integrated
     Focal range:        30cm - infinity
     Electric shutter:   1/8 - 1/4000
     White balance       5100K fixed

Image compression:       JPEG compression 
Image capacity:          Internal memory only:
                         10 images (at 1/4 compression); 20 (at
                         1/8): 40 (at 1/16):
                         With memory card: 130 (at 1/4
                         compression); 260 (1/8); 520 (1/16).
Audio:                   WAVE format (non-compressed, monaural,
                         11kHz, 8 bits)
Internal memory:         2MB (flash memory)
Transmission function:   Auto dial to up to 10 numbers, using a
                         fax modem card
Memory card:             PCMCIA standard (corresponding with
                         MMBC, ATA)
Analog cellular correspondence:
                         Exclusive cable (option)
Digital cellular correspondence:
                         modem adapter (option) necessary
Data transmission speed: max. 14,400bps
Dimension:               152(W) x 35.5(H) x 94 (D)mm
Weight:                  350g

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