Toshiba's New Microcomputers for TV Channel Selection Utilize Large Capacity Memory

27 February, 1995

TOKYO -- Toshiba Corporation today announced two eight-bit microcomputers for controlling TV channel selection and the on- screen display of TV operating status. The one-chip units both incorporate 60 kilobytes of read-only memory (ROM), sufficient for the needs of the most advanced TVs on the market.

The single chip microcomputers incorporate an 8-bit CPU as a core processor, and offer 60k bytes of program ROM, 2k bytes of data ROM and a display circuit supporting characters in a 24 rows x 12 lines grid. The memory provides sufficient programming capacity for handling all fundamental TV channel selection functions, and to support the on-screen display of such information as sound volume, brilliance and hue, and to indicate such features as audio and video modes. The microcomputers meet all requirements for the increasingly popular widescreen TVs.

Sample shipment of the one-time programmable TMP87PS38N will start today at a price of 2,000 yen. Orders for the mask ROM version, the TMP87CS38N, priced at 1,000 yen, will be accepted from April.



Model:               TMP87PS38N/TMP87CS38N 

ROM:                       60k byte 
RAM:                        2k byte 
I/O port:                  33 lines 
Package:              Shrink type DIP42pin 
Voltage:                  Approx. 5V 

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