New Fiber Optical Transmission Device Introduced

10 February, 1995

TOKYO -- Toshiba Corporation today starts marketing three new models for its fiber optic transmission module line-up TOSLINKTM. The-line-up has now been enhanced with plastic fiber-using models which achive a data transfer rate of 125megabit/sec over a maximum distance of approximately 20m, five times faster than the company's former models.

Three new models will be introduced, one-way transmitter module "TOED123" receiver module "TORX123" and two way module "TODX2203". They are priced at 2,500yen (TOED123), 4,000yen (TORX123) and 9,000yen (TODX2203). Mass production is scheduled to start from April at a total production level of 10,000 units a month.

Use of optical fibers is increasing as they are noise free even in high speed data transfer which seems to become a critical problem in widely used sealed copper cords corresponding to increase of data transmission speed. Faster speed causes stronger electro-magnetic wave noise. Especially plastic fibers will be appreciated as they are easy to handle and cheaper compared to glass fibers.

The company expects the new modules to be used for data transmission between OA equipment, A&V systems and others where amount of handled data is increasing such as text, sound and moving pictures, and so required speed of data transmission is increasing.

Major Specifications

Model:                      TOED123/TORX123/TODX2203 
Transmission speed:              125Mb/sec. (max.) 
Transmission distance:           20m (max.) 
Peak emitting wave length:       670nm 
Operating temperature:           -10 - 70 C 

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