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- ended March 2015 (For 176th Fiscal Period)

Presentation for FY2014 Q2 Results

For First 6 months and 2nd Quarter ended September, 2014   - October 30, 2014

Disclaimer: The contents of these presentation materials, key points of presentation and QA and audio data of presentation have not reflected on the restatement publicly announced in September 2015. As a result, because these information therefore contains inappropriate information to be used for investment decision, please do not rely on this information if you actually intended to trade stock. Toshiba Corporation assumes no responsibility for problems resulting from or in connection with use of the information.

Key Points of the presentation

Net sales: Toshiba Group recorded higher sales than in the year-earlier period, primarily due to growth in the Energy & Infrastructure and Community Solutions segments.

Net Sales 3,108.4 billion yen (YoY: +107.7 billion yen)
  • The Energy & Infrastructure segment sales were approx. 17% higher due to increase across all of its businesses. The Community Solutions segment also saw higher sales.

Income (loss): Both operating and net incomes were higher than forecast and recorded YoY increases.

Operating income 115.1 billion yen (YoY: +8.2 billion yen)
Income before income taxes and noncontrolling interest 67.3 billion yen (YoY: +13.8 billion yen)
Net income 30.8 billion yen (YoY: +9.3 billion yen)
  • The three pillars of Toshiba's businesses; Energy, Data Storage and Healthcare, recorded a combined operating income of 159.1 billion yen and a return on sales (ROS) of over 6%. Toshiba Group as a whole recorded its third ever highest operating income for a first six-month period, surpassed only by FY1989 and FY1990, despite structural reform cost of 20 billion yen recorded to forestall a downturn in the PC business.
  • Net income also increased YoY, reflecting improved financial income (loss) due to conversion of subordinated bond and a positive effect of light asset management.

The debt-to-equity ratio was 123%, a YoY improvement of 15 points

*YoY: year-on-year comparison

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