Stock Information

Q. Are there some Q&As on the Notice on Change in Share Unit, Consolidation of Shares, and Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation, that was announced On May 15, 2008?
Please see here for the related Q&As on it.
Q. What is the code number for Toshiba's shares stocks in Japan?
The code number is 6502.
Q. When is the general meeting of the shareholders held?
Ordinary general meetings are held at the end of June every year.
Please refer to IR Calendar for details.
Q. When do shares have to be held for shareholders to qualify to receive a dividend?
Shares held on March 31, and September 30 entitle shareholders to receive dividends.
Q. What is current Toshiba's stock price?
Toshiba's stock price is shown on the top of IR web site.
Q. How many Toshiba shares are outstanding?
Please refer to General Stock Information.
Q. How does ownership of Toshiba stock break down?
Please refer to Major Shareholders.
Q. Which securities analysts cover Toshiba?
Please refer to Analyst Coverage.

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