Heavy-Ion Therapy System on the way to Yamagata University

We have begun shipping the heavy-ion therapy system to Yamagata University Hospital.

We manufacture key products of the heavy-ion therapy system at Keihin Product Operations. Since they have large-scale structures, we ship them in a special way.
First we ship them from Yokohama Port to Sendai Port. After they land on Sendai, they are loaded on a specialized transportation truck and head to the destination with a special care. We carry them at nighttime, so it would not block the traffic. We also watch weather and road condition as we go. While an ordinary cargo arrives in half a day, it took three days to complete the transportation.

Courtesy of Yamagata University

Rotating gantry being shipped out

Heavy-ion therapy uses particles such as carbon ions to generate a high-energy beam that irradiates cancerous tissues—the system accelerates carbon-ion beam to up to 70% of the speed of light and delivers a concentrated dose of radiation to the targeted part. In addition to being fast and non-invasive, it ensures pinpoint and lethal irradiation to cancerous tissues efficiently, with minimum damage to surrounding healthy tissues, and with fewer fractions compared to other radiotherapies.

One of the major features of the system is its rotating gantry. This can deliver irradiation throughout 360 degrees, ending the need for patients to adopt uncomfortable and even painful positions.

We will accelerate the research and development of leading-edge cancer therapy systems to realize high-quality cancer treatment and contribute to society.