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06 Feb, 2023

Increasing security incidents in industrial infrastructure

Japan's vital infrastructure facing daily increases in cyber-threats. More and more companies are clarifying such unknown risks of attacks by leveraging threat intelligence as a management strategy. Security incidents in control systems are tending to increase globally along with increasing trends in cyberattacks targeting control systems like those in power companies and production infrastructure in factories.

Toshiba Group's Approach to Cybersecurity

Toshiba has been developing cybersecurity solutions for various control system over many years. We established our credentials through the experience of numerous successful projects. This allows us to offer expert support for our customers' cybersecurity requirements. The services we offer minimize the risks and impacts of cyberattacks, and we can provide a one-stop, integrated service throughout your control system's life cycle.

Capabilities of the Toshiba Group

Proposals that meet customers’ needs

Toshiba will propose cybersecurity services that are personalized to meet each customer’s unique needs. We start from a line-up of recommended plans specifically designed to meet the needs of customers in the energy sector. specifically designed to meet the needs of customers in the energy sector.

Launching security services to be provided both domestically and abroad

As a vendor of control systems in a wide variety of fields, our customers have been telling us what they need, so now we are launching our security services to satisfy them.