Towards the realization of a sustainable society Working towards SDGs

The world that we live in is currently facing large issues in terms of the economy, society and the environment. In order to deal with these issues, in 2015 the United Nations adopted the “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs*) which make clear the world’s important issues and what the world should be aiming to be by the year 2030. Toshiba Group maintains their essence as being “Committed to People, Committed to the Future”. We aim to create rich value based on respect for people and contribute to the lives and cultures of the peoples of the world. Also, at our company, which undertakes digital solution projects that use IoT and AI within Toshiba Group, we believe that digital technology that carefully considers people is increasingly important for realizing a sustainable future, and thus we’ve set our company vision as “enriching society through friendly and warm-hearted digital technology”. In looking towards 2030 and aiming for the SDGs based on our vision, we are actively working on contributions through corporate and business activities.
With our top priorities being human lives, safety and law observance, we will confront global problems that are difficult to solve just on our own and work together with everyone to open up the possibilities of digital, create new value, and contribute to realizing a sustainable future.

※:Sustainable Development Goals

Initiatives of Toshiba Digital Solutions

Example of initiativesWe held a workshop on the theme of “SDGs that can be contributed to with digital technology” that focuses on Society 5.0

We held a workshop together with project-related employees for visualizing the relationship between SDGs and our projects, using the method of “customer value design” of which is a Toshiba method of design thinking. We extracted the goals that each project can contribute to out of the many goals that are advocated by Society 5.0, and using cards that sort the SDG’s 169 targets from the viewpoints of “environment”, “society”, “economy”, and “governance”, we made associations with SDGs. Also, in further looking towards 2030, we used the method of backcasting to think of what actions and changes are needed to achieve the goals from the five viewpoints of “society and consumers”, “governments, policies and regulations”, “technological progression”, “client companies”, and “our own company”, and also had a discussion about what value can be offered to stakeholders.

We held a workshop on the theme of “SDGs that can be contributed to with digital technology” that focuses on Society 5.0

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