Advanced Intelligent Systems Laboratories


Takami Yoshida

Media AI Lab

Research Area:

  • ● Spoken dialog system
  • ● Signal processing


  • ● "Dialog State Tracking with Incorporation of Target Values in Attention Models", IWSDS2020
  • ● "Slot Filling with Weighted Multi-Encoders for Out-of-Domain Values", Interspeech 2019.
  • ● "Transfer Learning for Unseen Slots in End-to-end Dialogue State Tracking", IWSDS 2019.
  • ● "Out-of-Domain Slot Value Detection for Spoken Dialogue Systems with Context Information", SLT 2018.
  • ● "Dialog State Tracking for Unseen Values using an Extended Attention Mechanism", IWSDS 2018.
  • ● "Spoken Dialogue System for Question Answering based on Frequently Asked Questions", SIG-SLUD, 2019.
  • ● "Statistical Dialogue System using Dialogue State Tracker for Unseen Values", SIG-SLUD, 2018.
  • ● "Statistical Dialogue System with Capability of Controlling Dialogue Scenario by degree of Recommendation", Interaction 2018.
  • ● "Statistical Dialogue System for Shopping Mall Guidance", SIG-SLUD 2017.
  • ● "Morphology-matching-based R-wave detection for noise-robust ECG gating", Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 18, P21, 2016.
  • ● "Morphology-Matching-Based R-Wave Detection for Noise-Robust ECG Gating: Evaluation of the R-wave Detection Accuracy, JSMRM, 2016.