Information And Communications Platform Laboratories

Ta Tuan Thanh

Ta Tuan Thanh

Ph.D in Engineering
IoT Edge Lab

Research Area:

  • ● Analog circuit for wireless receiver and for sensor's read out.


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Patents (Issued ones only):

  • ● P6392106, "Receiver and voltage controlled oscillator"
  • ● US 9413368B2, "Auto frequency control circuit and receiver."
  • ● US 9515684B2, "Receiver and voltage controlled oscillator."
  • ● US10128881B2, "Time to digital converter, radio communication device, and radio communication method."
  • ● US10218364B2, "Time to digital converter, phase difference pulse generator, radio communication device, and radio communication method."
  • ● US10284240B2, "Receiving circuit and wireless communication device."


  • ● IEEE 41st European microwave conference (EuMC) Student Challenge Prize ('2011)
  • ● IEICE Young Researcher's Award ('2012)
  • ● IEEE International Symposium on Radio-Frequency Integration Technology (RFIT) Award Committee Certificate of RFIT Award ('2015)
  • ● IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society Japan Young Engineer Award ('2016)


  • ● IEICE & IEEE